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Stealth 250W E-bikes Kicked Ass on Eicma 2021

Stealth bikes did not come to EICMA 2021 fair in Europe to play around, they came here to dominate. Their newest formula is a cool new range of 250W e-bikes built in Asia, so that the prices stay competitive.

What can you really do with an urban e-bike design in Europe since the power is limited to 250W? You can increase the torque of the mid-motor up to 110 Nm ( most ebike mid-motors are around 80 -95 Nm ), and you can design something different and hope for the public to recognize the sweet geometry and the design lines. This is exactly what Stealth did! They designed their mid-motor and built nice-looking ebikes around it!

Picture copyright: EvNerds

These ebikes are based on the same frame: C-BIKE, X-BIKE, XTRM BIKE

We will tell you just a bit about C-BIKE and XTRM bike, and for all other information check out the link at the end of the article.

C-BIKE Ebike from Stealth


This is what Stealth says about C-BIKE: ” Revolutionize the way you ride in the city, distinguishing yourself with style and class while maintaining the classic performance of a city bike. The ideal solution for every user, man, woman, young or old, the important thing is the desire to get around on two wheels. ”

C-bike is a entry level hardtail ebike with 36V15 Ah battery ( SAMSUNG cells ) and a 100 Nm mid-motor

XTRM-BIKE Ebike from Stealth

xtrm bike stealth

XTRM bike is something new. It does not suffer from anemic lines made to suit most of people. It is unique, the design has a strong character and the specifications are yummy.

This is a full-suspension bike that we would choose to run away from in these apocalyptic pandemic times!

stealth ebikes 250 w xtrm bike
Picture copyright: EvNerds

This is what Stealth has to say about their ebike: “Why be one of the many, choose to be different, choose to hurtle down mountain trails with your Stealth, no one will be able to keep their eyes off you.”

We welcome this move by Stealth and hope too see the prices of the bikes soon. For more info check out STEALTH BIKES WEBSITE !

For information about Stealth street legal electric mopeds, check out this article

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