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STROKE Electric CARGO TRIKE from Japan

One of the best looking cargo trikes in the world

The Stroke Cargo Trike is Daga’s new mobility solution for Japan. It fits Japan’s legal definition of an electric-assisted bicycle, making ownership and use as easy as possible, and like other products designed with Japan in mind, the thinking necessary to make a product work in the world’s most demanding market makes the Stroke Cargo Trike special anywhere.

Stroke made at least 10 prototypes of the upcoming trike. This Cargo Trike is at least 1,5 years in the prototype phase. Judging by results, the time spent making this remarkable design is justified.

The Stroke cargo trike was announced at the Tokyo Wonder Festival

We proposed the tricycles in three scenarios, a “work trike” for factory floors, warehouses and construction sites, a “hot food service trike” for delivery tasty bowls of noodles to your door and a “courier bike”, no explanation necessary.- Harry from Envision

Motor and Range: Mid drive with legal 24 Km/h speed and 60 Km range

cargo trike mid drive motorCompact: At only 1.9m long with a tread of less than 50cm, the Cargo Trike has a minimal footprint and is no wider than the handlebars of a conventional bicycle.

compact electric cargo trike

Rideable: Mid-mounted cargo space means that as you load it up, the center of gravity just gets lower and more central. The tilting front wheels are always visible to the rider and the double steering linkage is direct and light. This thing is fun to ride!

cargo bike steering

Adaptable: The surrounding frame, design-registered in Japan, will be developed with custom attachment points for maximum luggage flexibility. Boxes, bags, custom-built cases – bolt them on, strap them down or suspend them, it is up to the user.

cargo ebike trike stroke prototype

Early Prototype Designs

electric cargo trike prototype

What you see here proof-of-concept prototype, the Daga concept frame and steering system adapted to use proprietary running gear. Road tests have proved that it is easy and fun to ride on flat terrain and steep hills. Now we are looking for partners to help us take the Cargo Trike to the next stage – final design prototypes and into production.- STROKE

Stroke – Electric Cargo Trike Latest Design

Stroke latest designs have the same Cargo Trike functionalities like the companies early prototypes, but the parts on this latest Cargo trike designs are perfected. New Mid-drive motor, better battery placement, belt drive, new wheelset, trike frame colors, improvements on front wheels leaning trike system and many other small details.

cargo trike electric design

cargo etrike

STROKE Cargo Trike was made by ENVISION JAPAN COMPANY. Part of the Envision company is DAGA ( It is interesting to see that Envision employees blog about their work and Stroke Trike. Check out What Harry from ENVISION writes about Urban mobility in Japan and the STROKE project.

The environment for bicycles is not great but they are faster than anything else in the narrow streets and in towns the whole place swarms with them, especially electrically-assisted ones for getting up the ubiquitous hills………..

….This combination of a practical approach to transport, narrow streets, limited parking and a highly developed delivery environment makes urban Japan ripe for a vehicle that can carry more than a bicycle or scooter, get around narrow streets quicker than a truck or van and cost peanuts to run.

The Daga mobility vehicle is designed to fit into Japan’s bicycle category, so no driving license is necessary. (It would be helpful if the government would tweak the law and take away the ridiculously low speed limit (24km/h) and the requirement that a bicycle cannot run on electric power only, but we are not the only people who think so and we hope that the law will change soon.)……… From Harry’s BLOG HERE

There is a lot more to say about STROKE so please check out the informative Japan website dedicated to STROKE project here

Objavljuje DagaPonedjeljak, 28. svibnja 2018.

We have to thank Jed Yang ( Taiwan DIY electric vehicles FB page admin ) that posted the photos of STROKE in the group. Please check out Taiwan DIY electric vehicle enthusiasts as well

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