Not long ago the internet was booming with companies that have been selling ebike drive kits that can be mounted on all bike frames like Golden Motors, Crystalyte motors, and many others that do not exist anymore. After the ebikes went mainstream, DIY ebikes making slowed down in favor of cheap ebikes fitted in the factory with Bafang drives, Yamaha, Bosch, and other “STREET LEGAL” ebike motors. Legal issues of using high-powered e-bike kits in the last couple of years slowed down DIY-ers but haven’t shut down the innovation. There are still a few companies making high-powered ebike conversion kits interesting and updated to the 2021. tech with controllers like ASI in combination with the latest brushless motors.

One of those companies is CYCMOTOR LTD from Hong Kong! You may not know them now, but when we tell you that the company changed the name from GNG electric you will probably remember their popular ebike kits from 8 years ago!

Gng electric ebike kits
Popular GNG KIT


gng electric ebike kits

“In 2018, CYCMotor Ltd was born. We gathered an even larger engineering team and partnered with reputable suppliers aiming to develop the most advanced electric motor system for the new age. With continuous development, we are able to create ultra-compact, high-quality modular motor systems with an extreme performance at a reasonable price. Power never looked so good! ” – CYCMOTOR

Why EvNerds and CYCMOTOR Partnership is a good thing?

EvNerds and CYCMOTOR will partner together to provide one of the most interesting ebike build yet. Marko Bettini from EvNerds will share DH/ City ebike frame design and technical drawings for free to all viewers on our YouTube channel and for readers of EvNerds magazine online. CYCMOTOR will provide motors and batteries for the conversion, and we hope you are going to love and like the project.

You will get royalty free frame design tech drawings, and you can use them in any way you want. Build your own ebike, change the drawings and make even more interesting DH ebike. The only thing we will ask you to do is give credit in any creative way you want to!


For DIY ebike project to be interesting, EvNerds has to bring some power to the table. The chosen motor and controller combination is based on X1 PRO GEN 2 mid-motor for ebikes.

X-1 Pro (BB83
X1 pro – the ultimate high powered ebike & emtb mid-drive conversion kit!

The X1 PRO is the ultimate mid drive emtb conversion system. With up to 5000W of extreme power output & 250 N.m. of torque, this system has the power to excite any ebike or emtb enthusiast!

The X1 PRO Gen 2 is complete with

– integrated torque sensor

– fully customizable mobile app

– various bottom bracket fitments

– 2 rider modes, with up to 9 assist gears


New X1 pro features all new integral parts like new motor core and rotor. “From 6.5k RPM and 3k Watts, the Gen2 motor core and rotor were redesigned to give you even more BANG for your buck and is now capable of reaching up to 5,4k Watts at peak power with 12k motor RPM. This means that you can harness the power output much quicker” – CYCMOTOR

Check out the build quality video on Youtube

X1 PRO ebike mid-motor fits 95% of existing bike frames

The X1 PRO fits on more than 95% of existing bike frames with BB options for normal BSA threaded BBs or pressfits. Not only don’t you need to worry about the pressfit bottom brackets, you can also now fit the Gen 2 to a Floating Bottom Bracket, a design which is becoming more popular, especially in DIY projects. The flexible mounting options and BBs available, makes the X1 PRO the best machine for e-MTB conversion. Not to mention the easy installation which can take less than 60 minutes to assemble and disable, even for a first-time e-biker.

X1 PRO Mobile app for BAC controllers

To bring X1 pro to 2021. the kit comes with mobile application for BAC controllers!

The CYC MOTOR (BAC) app is the X1 PRO and the X1 Stealth’s navigation system. This is where you will customize your experience & monitor your ebike performance.

The app is connected to your controller via Bluetooth & will allow you to set up your mid drive system & change parameters according to your preference.

The CYC MOTOR (BAC) app allows you to do multiple things:

  1. Set up your desired power output’s for 2 different modes
  2. Customize your parameters for pedal assist, throttle performance, & gear preferences
  3. Configure your torque sensor
  4. Monitor your performance
  5. Set up your e-bike battery & peripherals 
  6. See warnings & clear errors

EvNerds will use CYCMOTOR X-series battery solution to power up the DIY Ebike

X SERIES BATTERYThe X-Series Batteries are the best ebike battery solutions to complete your X1 Pro or Stealth kit. The X-36, X-52 & X-52L are fitted with the ideal specifications to take full advantage of the mid drive conversion kits’ capabilities.

The X-36, X-52, & X-52L are complete with

– Samsung 40T 21700 cells

– 8Ah battery capacity (12Ah for X-52L)

– 60A maximum continuous current (80A for X-52L)

 – Various mounting methods including magnetic mount


There is so much to say about CYCMOTOR products and we will detail everything in the conversion videos on YouTube. You will have to wait for a while since this is zero-to-hero conversion and the DH frame is custom made from scratch!

If you cannot wait for us to tell you more about it on our channel, check out CYCMOTOR website, YouTube and Instagram for videos, customer ebike conversions etc..

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