Zooz Concept 01 defies the definition of eBike

While they just recently started selling their Ultralight BMX-inspired electric bikes to the public, Zooz Bikes has just revealed a concept vehicle that is far different from what we’ve seen before. Chris Zahner, creator and co-founder of Zooz, claims this concept is a radical exploration of their design thinking and process. They call it Concept 01 and Chris says there are more on the way.

Long, low, unregisterable and without pedals, the Zooz Concept 01 is a minimalist one-off two-wheeler intended to provoke new perspectives and applications about what an electric bike is, or could be.

Though the result is a gorgeous work of art, the construction and components are extremely simple — just a QS motor, Kelly controller, a small battery case with Samsung cells and a throttle. It seems that “Ultralight” is more than just a name, but a design language Zooz is operating within.

Zooz has accompanied the reveal of this bike with a video that begs a second watch as Chris flies through the unique underground spaces of Chicago. While he admits that the bike isn’t meant to be practical, comfortable or even salable, the idea of having a silent joy-ride while the city sleep makes all of that inconsequential.

Suspending pragmatism — just for a moment — brings new thoughts to a future of ultralight two-wheelers in spaces that might not even exist yet, riders who don’t even ride yet and vehicles that don’t yet exist. It’s the beginning of a dream for Zooz — a dream that only seems to be speeding up.

Watch here

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