Biomega Electric Car – YOUR NEXT RIDE IS A SIN

Mobility experts Biomega develop Denmark’s first electric car – SIN

Skibsted Ideation ( the agency behind Biomega – the Danish bicycle brand known for its high-design and electric bicycles ) will launch its first 4-wheel EV at CIIE in Shanghai on November 5th.

The concept car has been developed to take Biomega’s principles of social innovation, design thinking and urban mobility and apply them to the automotive industry.

Biomega bikes are each named with a three-letter abbreviation of a city that has inspired some elements of the design.

The car, in line with its bicycle predecessors, will be named SIN, after the contemporary urban sprawl of Singapore.

Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted, co-chair of World Economic Forum’s think tank on entrepreneurship and vice-chair of design2innovate (the Danish Design Cluster), says, “We’ve been focused on urban mobility since the 90s. Biomega has always been about creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation. We feel that we are in an extremely strong position to design an EV that represents the frontier of the new mobility. We are working on a new spectrum of vehicles where, for now, the EV is the largest and the bicycle is the most compact; making SIN another step in the natural progression of our ongoing battle against the combustion car.”

The new urban mobility

The fundamental issue for the future of mobility is about getting passengers and cargo from A to B in the most efficient way possible, minimizing time, money and power spent. The 4-door SIN CUV (crossover utility vehicle) is designed with 4 independent engines and 4 independent seats with extra legroom. Stripped back to maximize space, this EV uses minimal components and lightweight materials; its low weight improves its range, minimizing battery consumption. SIN is therefore an affordable and sustainable solution to modern urban mobility.

Integrated elements, simplified interior

Biomega adheres to the less-is-more approach of Scandinavian design standards. SIN creates a new open-wheel vehicle typology that allows for a flat floor and easy maneuvering in tight urban spaces, while the invention of a fascia window maximizes road view. Through the resulting uncluttered interior, the car rejects superfluous styling in favor of low cost, comfort and sustainability.

Innovative construction methods

SIN is designed to be built using state-of-the-art lightweight composites, including a world-first use of modular carbon fiber for high volume automotive production. This innovative manufacturing process, carried out with partners in the UK and Germany, will ensure a low-cost, low-weight solution.

A gadget on wheels

Incorporating a digital strategy into a vehicle’s design is more important than ever. SIN will focus on connectivity and user interface, placing it in an advantageous position at the leading edge of transportation. SIN has the potential to be adapted for a wide range of consumer opportunities, including the freedom of business models such as ride sharing or leasing.


BIOMEGA ELECTRIC CARThe concept car has been designed with targeted specifications in mind. The final production vehicle will be ready for the market in 2021-2023, with adjusted specifications, which may vary from those projected.

Price €20.000
Release Date 2021-2023

Max. power in kW 60kW
Power hp 82hp
Max. torque in Nm 160Nm

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 13s
Top Speed in km/h 130km/h

Battery Capacity in kWh 20kWh (14+6kWh removable)
Range in km 160 km
Battery Weight 200kg
Battery weight kg/kWh 10kg/kWh
Power consumption 11 kWh/100km
Kerb Weight 950kg

Structure CFRP body shell structure with aluminum crossbeams
Motors 4 in-hub motors on external wheels
Battery Pack Main battery pack on floor + modular swapping battery system

About Biomega

Biomega is a premium urban transport brand, best known for developing bicycles and related accessories. Biomega is committed to creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation by making ‘furniture for urban locomotion’. The brand features collaborations with PUMA and renowned designers such as Marc Newson, KiBiSi and Ross Lovegrove. The company, founded in 1998, distributes its products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

About Skibsted Ideation

Skibsted Ideation is the agency behind worldwide accredited creator Jens Martin Skibsted – one of the most inspiring contemporary Scandinavian designers and design philosophers. He pioneered the designer bicycle when founding Biomega, and founded design consultancy KiBiSi with Bjarke Ingels. His designs have received multiple awards including Wallpaper Design Award; I.D. Consumer Design; Good Design Award; European 40 under 40, and Red Dot Award. They are collected in the collections at the MoMA, Le CNAP, Design Museum Denmark and SFMOMA.

About EVE

EVE is an international, Hong Kong-based investment group for Electric Vehicle investments, with SIN as its first commercial project. EVE believes in a green, urban future with fluid private mobility.

This text was written by Biomega. We would like to add that Scandinavian design and technical solutions are the best in the world. This electric cars price and size is ideal for the population in EU. Danish companies tend to pursue the idea to the end and to finish what they started, we are 100% sure this vehicle is coming to the streets, and we can’t wait to test it!


Biomega website , Biomega facebook, Biomega Instagram

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