New Rimac hypercar is comming to Geneva

Concept one is game over. Time for new stuff

The famous Croatian carmaker Rimac said they are practically over with making Concept One. Rimac Automobili are going forward with their new concept car that will be revealed in Geneva Salon show. Check out the instagram post:

This is the new teaser from Rimac automobili

Their slogan is: Why play by the rules, when you can change the game

We are pretty sure this new Rimac hypercar is going to crush some records. Take a look at the car details, especially the front car hood. We think the major engineering will be done on cooling the components. Cooling the motor, the batteries, controller to get the juice out of the beast!

pictures are taken from the video with 100 full brightness

new rimac hypercar

rimac hypercar cooling

We also gathered some internet information for you guys. Here the molds for New Rimac Hypercar, Concept 2 car, or whatever the name will be

New Rimac Hypercar moulds

Here is what we were baking and prepping for the weekend. #NextGenerationHypercar

Posted by Rimac Automobili on 21. siječnja 2018

Rimac Hypercar Motor picture

Batteries in Rimac Hypercar?

Knowing that Rimac Automobili closed the deal with Asia biggest battery manufacturer, it is only logical that battery producer will be Camel Group. But this remains to be seen.

What do you think?


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