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Open Source Axial Hub Motor For Electric Cars And Motorcycles

Occupy Cars is Developing open source components to convert cars to electric

This Open SOURCE axial hub motor for two or four-wheel electric vehicles in this text is developed by OCCUPY CARS. The motor is only a part of full EV project that will feature open source electric motor controller, charger and battery pack. Occupy Cars is project. EvNerds is going to sponsor this project with media space. The project is so cool, that we feel like it is 2012. all over again when new DIY projects were popping out each day. There are little open source projects in EV space, so we decided, and encourage others to support OCCUPY CARS in their Goals.

OCCUPY CARS is developing open source hardware and software components for the conversion of combustion engine cars to electric. As electric mobility is the most logical step towards a more sustainable future globally, a shared open source electric drivetrain platform will enable everybody worldwide to produce, convert and sell conversion electric vehicles and help speed up the transition to sustainable mobility.

In order to make the conversions as cheap and sustainable as possible, the entire system of components and processes should be open-source. It would allow thousands of manufacturers around the globe to produce these components locally. It would spur economic growth from the bottom and would allow local car businesses to thrive again.- OCCUPY CARS

THE BORGI – Axial Hub OPEN SOURCE motor is intended for Electric Car conversions

Hub motors are in their construction essentially outrunner motors, so this motor with slight modifications can be used as a mid-drive motor for cars and motorcycles! The way BORGI is designed now, it is direct drive hub motor!

THE BORGI AXIAL HUB MOTORBORGI axial motor was mainly designed for cars, but they project is too tempting not to be used as an electric motorcycle hub motor, electric motorcycle and tricycle mid-motor etc… The sky is the limit, and that is why we support these fine gentlemen from Germany in their goals.

“The construction is quite simple so that you can build it yourself with common fabrication tools which you can find in any fablab.

It consists of a 3D-Printed polymer stator which houses the electromagnetic coils, two aluminum rotor discs with neodymium magnets and some nuts and bolts.

It incorporates a VAG OE-1T0598611 Wheel hub-bearing which is present in quite some VW, AUDI, SKODA & SEAT cars. It’s probably easy to adapt it to other kind of wheel hubs/wheel bearings.”- OCCUPY CARS

The BORGI Hubmotor is an open source, axial-flux, pancake style wheel-hub motor which you can drop in between your cars rims and wheel axle.

In theory you can convert your car from gasoline or diesel to electric hybrid or 100% electric with it.


axial hub motor fitting

“The outer diameter of the motor should be compatible with 18″ rims. The design is adaptable to other rim diameters.It weighs approx. 15kg.

It’s not fully tested yet but we have run it with 20KW (300A, 72V with no load) of power and did not notice any significant heat buildup.

Our guesstimate is that you can probably run it up to 60KW. When you run it with no load, with 20kw it reaches 10000rpm quick. You should not run it higher than 10000 rpm!!! Letting it spin faster is very dangerous and can result in severe injury in case it breaks apart! Make sure to run the motor in a security housing only to prevent any injury or damage to your property! If you pump more energy through it make sure there is an appropriate counter force to keep the rpm below 10000 rpm!”- text from from OCCUPY CARS GITHUB PROJECT

What controller can be used to drive this motor, we asked OCCUPY CARS, and they replied:

In theory any kind of dc-motor controller should be able to drive it, yet because of its axial flux topology we are still investigating the best way to drive the motor.-OCCUPY CARS

In other words; OCCUPY CARS needs to test the ERPM limits of the bldc controllers that work with this axial motor.


-28x Nd N45 30x10mm Magnets

-21 electromagnets, 7mm thick, 210* 4,6m 0.1mm copper wire

-3x Hall Sensor Honeywell SS411A bipolar hall effect switch(latching) sensor


Stator: Hightemp 3D-Printer Co-Polymer (PLA-Lignin mix) should be rated min 120 heat resistant.

Rotor: Any kind of cnc millable aluminuium alloy should work like AlMgSi1


OCCUPY CARS published an article called “The grassroots electric vehicle revolution” on Medium, so check it out if you want to know more

In the future, we will be presenting more of the Occupy Cars team and further electric car parts developments and Github files

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