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arvala M11 electric scooter

Are you looking for a company that can shake up the electric scooter market? Well, in our opinion, Arvala is the company to watch out for! They are quickly gaining momentum and are set to take on the big brands in the mid and high-power escooter categories very soon. We are thrilled by what they are doing and couldn’t resist the opportunity to make this review! Arvala is a brand from TNE scooters, and they have been working on electric scooters from 2014. We have reviewed TNE e-scooters in the past. If you are interested in their history:

TNE 60V FLASH SILVER Electric Scooter with Insane Torque!

TNE Creator

M11 YouTube Electric Scooter Review


ARVALA company has three new models for this year: M11, M10 and C-PRO.

Arvala Electric Scooters

The M11 is the most versatile e-scooter We’ve ever ridden. With the newly developed app, there are endless ways to customize the performance and modify predefined settings of two 60v 55a sine-wave controllers.

M11 Electric Scooter review
EvNerds 2023.
Technical specifications are correct, however they are missing information about 5 sec. peak power of 3300W per motor.

M11 Electric Scooter POWER AND BATTERY

The Arvala M11 is a 6600W dual motor electric scooter with incredible constant torque ( 1600W constant power and 3300W peak power per motor ), providing a sensation of adrenaline rush throughout the ride. When asked about the experience of riding it, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

arvala m11

This e-scooter is so powerful that it can quickly use up all 26 Ah of its battery ( There is also 35 Ah LG version), so we recommend choosing the highest Ah version for optimal capacity ( Arvala is adding other battery options as we write ). This e-scooter rewards you with a safe and thrilling top speed of 85 Km/h ( 53 mph ).

electric scooter M11 Arvala

The Arvala M11 boasts a high-capacity battery that takes around 12-15 hours to charge fully. If you’re in a hurry, you can use two chargers to cut that time in half. The battery features DMEGC cells, which have a good track record for longevity and reliable performance. We’ve reviewed 3-4 escooters with different cell combinations, and none of those batteries died or showed bad voltage sag performance.

Depending on the battery, the weight is 47-50 kgs, and it’s one of those scooters you wish your friend would carry instead of you. However, it’s portable enough and lighter than some other high-power options out there.

Arvala M11 Electric Scooter Pictures
EvNerds 2023.

The Arvala M11 can climb just about any hill and still accelerate like a breeze. In our testing we tried various hills, and different terrain where Arvala M11 performed like a boss. In our next video we will film this too.

dual controllers
Maybe this is the first time that controllers have separate room for the escooter,

It is interesting to note that the controllers providing power for the e-scooter are placed separately from the battery. We like that a lot since heating from the controllers does not directly transfer to the battery and vice versa. Both controllers are in separate enclosures mounted on the scooter’s “neck” in order to efficiently cool off.


With the included SMART BMS and Arvala app, you can customize and tune all the settings to your preferences, including monitoring the motor, battery, and controller MOSFET temperature on your mobile phone in real-time.You can upgrade the SMART BMS firmware if needed. It is possible to customize your performance to your heart’s content.

When starting the APP, it will perform a health check; and let you know if the escooter has any problems based on feedback from sensors.

With the ARVALA vehicle control unit, extreme modifications are in your hands. For example; If you want the front motor to give 80% of possible performance, and rear motor 100%, you can do it in the APP. Then you have different combinations of EABS, ABS performance as well.

Arvala Electric Scooter app

After your ride, you can easily check the battery temperature and cell status with just the click of a button, ensuring peace of mind and preventing guesswork about the health of your e-scooter.

Miha Electric Scooter

Our e-scooter did not come with NFC, but for safety on the streets, all production e-scooters will come with built-in NFC unlocking.

M11 Escooter Led lights

You can choose the LED light you prefer and customize its animation presets. We’re sticking with the brightest white color to be seen on the streets. They not only look good, but also provide peace of mind while riding in low light conditions. The left and right turn signals will help others know where you’re going, and the newest, sophisticated front handle-bar LED light design will surprise even those who have already purchased other premium e-scooters. There is one more regular handle-bar front light good enough for lightning the road!

Arvala M11 Electric scooter photo

M11 Electric Scooter Tires, Brakes, Suspension and Size

Compared to 10-inch tires, these wide eleven-inch tires feel like they’re ready for anything. You can, of course, change these off-road tires and their pattern if your rides are more city-based

With the self-developed clamp and security pin, you can fold the scooter and lock it for easier carrying or storage in a car or house.
The folding mechanism is like origami for adults, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be showing off your folding skills to everyone you know. Just kidding, it is a 5s setup!.

3 steps folding mechanism

As always, the hydraulic Nutt brakes on this scooter perform amazingly, and with the activated smooth regen, you’ll come to a stop in no time. There is an option to use ABS, but to be honest, we discovered this at the end of our review, and we will report on it in our second video.

The deck size is just right, not too short, not too big. It’s shorter than the Vsett 11+ and larger than the 10+ and Mantis escooters. For us, it’s perfect, and the rubber deck is a great option, so taking a piece of cloth with water will be enough to keep this clean.

The handlebar is 630mm long and high, while the clearance and deck size are just right for a comfortable ride.

KKE Hydraulic Suspension

Let’s take a look at the suspension system. The M11 has a C-type of suspension with front and rear hydraulic shocks that provide a smooth ride on any surface. Personally, we like leaving it in “mid-mode” where you can still feel the terrain below you. The scooter also features a steering damper that can be adjusted to your liking. I found that a firmer adjustment suited me best.

The wire harness is clean and covered with rubber/plastic wire, which keeps everything in place where it should be.


The Arvala M11 weighs 47-50 kgs depending on the battery. While it’s not the most portable device out there, it’s lighter than some other high-powered options.


So far, this is one of the best e-scooters we have tried. The scooter has many features we have not seen in any of our reviews before, such as a separate controller compartment, smart BMS features, and an app that lets you modify the e-scooters performance in detail. However, we are planning to conduct a 500 km speed test to thoroughly evaluate everything and create one more video about this amazing machine.

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