Hero Rider X electric scooter is the newest creation from the team behind the Hero S8, Hero S9, Hero X8,Hero S10 ( YouTube link ) electric scooter. Manufacturer tells us that X is the most powerful scooter they made. EvNerds thinks X will fit the taste of Vsett 10+, Vsett 11+, Mantis….riders.

hero rider x electric scooter
Hero Rider CEO Raynor testing the scooter in harsh environments

HERE RIDER X YouTube Review

Hero did not pull the break and save money on anything here. Hero X electric scooter features adjustable 165 mm hydraulic and coil based front and rear suspension, NFC card unlocking, color display, double piston hydraulic disk brakes combined with regen, self-sealing 10 inch tires, app controlled LED lights fitted on large and wide deck, motors with 4200 W max power, special 100% waterproof connector for charging, new secure folding locking system and a large battery that should be good enough for 120 Km / 74 miles of ride.


Hero Rider X teaser VIDEO

Hero Rider X Features in DETAILS – Video

While these videos and information show every little detail of the upcoming model, we have been told that there may be even more upgrades for the production model!
With its unique look and specs, this e-scooter is a buy. We hope that the price will be competitive, that the scooter will not show any signs of wheel wobbling, and that the suspension will work well with larger guys above 110 Kg. If Hero Rider X performs positively in these key aspects, it will be a much-wanted scooter in 2023. We do not know the price yet, but it will be a key component in making sure this e-scooter hits the streets!
We have tested all Hero scooters and the build quality was above average, we expect the same from X.
If you wish to check out our other Hero Rider reviews, just use the search bar.

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