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Vlaken G2 MAX Electric Scooter Review

The Vlaken G2 MAX is an absolutely incredible scooter that truly shines in every aspect of this review. It’s compact enough to fit wherever your old Xiaomi would fit, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go adventurers. Plus, its dual suspension means you can take it anywhere, from the city streets to off-road trails and everything in between. In case of this model: lower price does not mean lower quality!

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The build is rock-solid, boasting DUAL suspension shocks that work flawlessly for individuals weighing over 100 Kg -120 Kg.

With 10 inch wheels and all-round tires, you can easily leap off curbs and tackle any terrain with ease. The display screen is elegantly simple, showcasing all relevant information without any glare on a sunny day. And when the sun goes down, the screen becomes brilliantly illuminated!

g2 max city electric scooter
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Gone are the days of stem or folding lock issues that plagued previous scooter generations. These mechanisms have been perfected and crafted with the utmost quality. With a 48 V 17.5 Ah battery, you can expect to get around 35 – 40 Km in combined driving ( approx: 70% in 3rd gear and 30% in 2nd gear mostly driving in the city ).

g2 max electric scooters
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The power of this scooter is 1200W in peak, capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 Km/h. The display shows 55 Km/h, but it is not calibrated to be inline with GPS readout. And with a price range between 890 – 1000 USD, we are confident that there is simply no competition on the market for a smaller scooter of this caliber. It’s truly top-quality with exceptional performance for a mid-budget electric scooter.

vlaken kugoo g2 max electric scooter
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G2 MAX – TOP 7 things we love!

The top 7 things we love about this scooter are the quality of all mechanical components, the fluid throttle, great mechanical disc brakes, c-suspension, best height adjustment mechanism in this price range and a weight around 30 Kg!

However, there are a few areas where improvement could be made.The included pump and tools are of a low quality and will likely break soon, and the charger could benefit from being 3 amps to reduce charging time to 5 hours. The left and right turn signals on the front part of the deck should be visible on the left and right sides of the scooter, rather than just on the front. Lastly, this escooter is not built for big hills, because most of 1000W scooters are not that great when fitted with 10 inch wheels. Climbing ability is okayish, and could be a bit better.

But overall, we are confident that 90 percent of people will find this scooter to be an absolute dream machine. If you happen to fall into the remaining 10 percent, it’s likely because you crave even more power and speed, or simply do not require a practical and portable machine. In that case, Vlaken has G3 PRO model that will be reviewed in the future here!

vlaken g3 pro

Vlaken G3 PRO

Comparisson to other single motor escooters we tested

Vlaken G2 MAX electric scooter has more power than the Vsett 8 and 9, and it also has a better shock spring. The shock is not bouncy and is better adjusted for riders up to 120 Kg, unlike the mentioned e-scooters. While it has less speed and torque compared to the Hero S10 of the same size, it is more budget-friendly. Moreover, it excels in all aspects when compared to the previous Kugoo scooter generations! For more information, please check out our YouTube channel.

You can check out more Vlaken electric scooter on their Alibaba website here

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