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3 Wheel Leaning Electric Skateboard YX ONE from Mobymove

On a 4 day trip to Ireland, EvNerds had the opportunity to try and see the latest Mobymove 3 wheel electric skateboard creation called YX-ONE. Mobymove (Moby Products Ltd) is the same company behind Jyroball electric unicycle and Neon NITRO 8 one wheel board. We managed to get more info about the upcoming products from the companies CEO Thomas O’Connell.

Thomas O'Connell
Thomas O’Connell
Zvonko Vrbatović from EvNerds and Thomas O’Connell from Mobymove

The smashing JYRO-BIKE and JYRO-KICSCOOTER video will be out in a couple of days. YX-ONE 3 wheel electric skateboard video was made during the hangout with Mobymove team in Dublin parks!

Eoin Kirwan from Mobymove team
Eoin Kirwan from Mobymove team

Eoin Kirwan from Mobymove team explains YX-ONE

YX-ONE is a Mobymove creation that was not made over the night. At least 40 different prototypes have been made over the last two yeas both in gas and electric versions. To cope with the future the decision was made to go only full electric with leaning front wheels. As for now this leaning three wheel electric skateboard has 45 Km/h top speed with 60 Km of range. Brush-less DC Hub motor in the back wheel with disc brakes and leaning wheels in the front.

We have been shown the per-production prototype as you can see in the video, but later on the trip we found out there was an actual production version in Dublin headquarters. Wish we could say more, but NDA-s.

For news and info about YX-ONE check out the site

For other Mobymove products, go to this place

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