Serpent-S electric skateboard

Serpent-W electric skateboard videos and pictures

Serpent-S prototype videos and pictures

Kuickwheel Serpent-S electric skateboard can be easily carried around.

Look at how small Serpent-S is. U can use it and abuse it and then just backpack it

It’ll fit inside most backpacks.

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Serpent-C is made for on-the-go use.

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Kuickwheel Serpent-S electric skateboard should be strong enough to perform tricks based on what we are seeing here

Doing stunts with this board would be awesome, and it is an electric board as well!

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Kuickwheel Serpent-S electric skateboard lets u touch one another, it a gay-friendly board. Just kidding, couldn’t resist.

Skate in style all around town.

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Demonstration video of Serpent-S


More here

Who is Kuickwheel?

This video might give u a clue

If u rather read than watch youtube videos, this is their own introduction

Nanjing Fast Wheel Technology Intelligent Co., Ltd. was set up in August 2014 and obtained millions of the Angel investment from Xu Xiaoping for the first time. Then we completed the Series A from JD Group with tens of millions investment. Just now we obtained the Series B from Singapore company and our company valuation has been up to hundreds of millions.

We focus on creating five-kilometers transportable tool to provide a new choice to people. We have self-balancing unicycle named EVA, N1 and electric scooter named F0. The weight of F0 is just half of other products with 9.3kg. The volume of transaction of F0 online reached 22,000,000 RMB within only one month and attracted 20,000 fans in China.

Our customers are from all over the world, such as USA, England, France, Russia, Singapore, India and so on. In 2016, our company ranked the first in the domestic market of electric scooters and won the first UL certification of electric scooters in November, which guaranteed our liquid market among many countries, like USA and Canada.

Our core team is composed of many experienced and professional leaders. The R&D Staff Machine Engineer comes from a military institute and the Production Director was once the former P&D in LG with over 20-years of professional experience. The Sales Director was once the vice president of a listed company in Israel. Liu Feng, the founder and CEO, is an inventor after 90s, who had acquired 18 patents before graduation.

We have obtained nearly 50 patents, including 10 patents of invention, as well as the authentication of new high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province. We embed Smart Travel, Technological Travel and Green Travel in our company philosophy and products. We are accumulating data of travels and preparing other travel techniques, such as “scooters for the aged” and “walking mechanical skeleton”, aiming at building an all-round travel system.

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Kuickwheel Serpent-W electric skateboard

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