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Kuickwheel makes cutting edge Electric Skateboards

Kuickwheel Serpent Series Electric Skateboards Campaign starts tomorrow at KICKSTARTER

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1 DAY LEFT: In just 1 day we will see you again on Kickstarter. SERPENT Series, cool design, powerful and enjoyable! #Kickstarter

Posted by Kuickwheel on 7. kolovoza 2017

Meet Kuickwheel SERPEN Series, the electric skateboards that can your lifestyle changer when it comes to urban transportation. And they are not the ordinary electric skateboards that you find on the Market! Kuickwheel SERPENT-C is the smallest and lightest skateboard while Kuickwheel SERPENT-W is the safest long board there is. They will make your urban transportation a breeze!



Goes as fast as 40km/h and it can last for 15km

SERPENT-W has deck lights on the front, back and sides, which makes you more visible in the dark. We utilized the best materials – 91A Rebound PU wheels and extreme quiet bearings, aluminum alloy hanger and baseplate, and reinforced rubber riser, to ensure the least shock and best skating experience. SERPENT-W loads 120kg in weight and has 1800W dual brush-less motor that can speed up to 40km/h. SERPENT-W has a beginner mode and a sport mode, making it suitable from the zero-experienced beginner to skateboard master.


The Smallest and lightest electric skateboard

You can take the SERPENT-C anywhere with you! It’s compact and light – less than 3kg! We selected the finest materials to make this board – Canadian Maple wood and bamboo composite and a heated carbon steel trunk. SERPENT-C is IP54 waterproof so you can use it more. Want your own style? Replaceable PU wheels and a variety of stickers will make your SERPENT-C one of a kind!

serpent electric skateboard

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