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Electric Foil Board

2017 will definatly be remembered as the year of Electric foil board and electric surfboards

This year was all about E-Boards ( Concrete ones and those that let you take your game to the Sea )


It is a combination of an electric surfboard with a hydrofoil. Because surfboard postion is above the water ; the person surfs on smaller contact surface and therefore uses less electric power than Electric Surfboard to maintain the speed. Foil wings goes that go under the water keep the person above the water.


1. a watercraft equipped with hydrofoils that uses an electric motor or motors for propulsion.

—Don Montague

There are few options on the market now : The Jetfoiler and Lift foil




Kai Concepts is a team of creative problem solvers with a unique combination of backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, inflatable design, competitive windsurfing and kitesurfing, multimedia production, and software development. Led by Don Montague, our Bay Area team has pushed the limits of water sports innovation for years.

Their site does not contain the specs on this bad boys, but there have been commnets that the boards speed is from 28-35 kmh

All images are from Jetfoiler, and check them out here Jetfoiler


price: 12.000 usd

How is Liftfoil different – their explanation

In the world of hydrofoils, their is no substitute for the best. The team at Lift Hydrofoils has been working for years to create an all-round, user friendly foil that people can grow with. We use the highest performance materials and spare nothing in terms of design and quality so that our customers receive the absolute best. Not to mention that our parts are top quality at a competitive price. The foil demands precision and balance in order to function properly and we make sure that you get just that.

Our friendly staff will help guide you through your first purchase, and make sure that we will always have upgradable gear to keep you evolving and progressing.

For shipments outside the continental United States, please contact us for international shipment fees and we will get back to you as soon as possible. – Team Liftfoil

We cant say that we agree about pricing on this things, but for now it doesn’t matter

This are their SPECS :

Battery Features

    • Battery Management System (BMS) with Redundant Safety Features.
      Our battery is equipped with a BMS that protects the battery against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit and overheating. In addition, all safety related components contain a duplicate backup system.
    • Waterproof.
      Our battery is fully submersible to IP67 standards keeping the internal components protected from moisture and corrosion.
    • High Energy Density.
      Our battery lasts approximately one hour riding at 15 mph.
    • Easily Interchangeable and Rechargeable. 
      Recharge time is 2.5 hours. Just plug it in and go.
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Silent Electric Motor

“Our motor was designed to be an extension of you. Unlike gas engines, electric motors have no lag and deliver maximum torque on command. This instant response allows you to have complete control over the motor. There is no delay from rider input to motor output making your ride not only safer, but exhilarating.”

Motor and Controller Features

  • Motor Controller. 
    A Computer runs our electric motor.  We programmed it to set the perfect accelerations, decelerations and speed outlets so you get the most stability out of your ride.
  • Silent Electric Motor.
    Lots of energy in a compact space allows you to travel swiftly through the water without the irritant noise created by gas engines.
  • Submersible in Water. 
    Every component is double sealed against the elements and uses high-end corrosion resistant materials.
  • Hydrodynamic Torpedo Design. 
    Pierces through the water smoothly with minimal drag.
  • Ducted Propeller. 
    Our ducted propeller offers the best thrust to energy ratio over a variety of speeds. This helps conserve battery power and maximizes thrust for an exhilarating ride.
    • Wireless Bluetooth Technology. 
      We created a hand controller that gives you complete control over your ride. Every time you press the lever, the controller gives a wireless signal to the board. The motor then reacts instantaneously to adjust your speed.
    • Magnetic Actuator. 
      The trigger uses magnets and a hall effect sensor to control throttle actuation leaving the internal components sealed and completely waterproof.
    • Safety.
      The hand controller commands the motor. The motor will automatically shut off by simply releasing the lever; if submerged in water; or outside a distance of 10 feet.
    • Display Screen. 
      Speed and battery charge percentages are displayed on the screen.
  • Automatic Power Regulation. 
    In the event of a low battery, the controller will automatically throttle you back to a low power setting allowing you to get back to shore safely.

pictures, video and info from : Liftfoil

EvNerds conclusion :

While we respect the companies behind this and love products like this;  We don’t really like the fact that none of this 2 companies state the exact voltage of battery, motor power, etc…..They lack normal info like max speed etc. But they don’t lack the price tag. For us as product makers, that’s not a nice move from a company.  We have all eyes on their boards and would like to ride them someday !

What do you think?


Written by EvNerds


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