Electric Foil Board

By EvNerds

July 02, 2017

2017 will definatly be remembered as the year of Electric foil board and electric surfboards

This year was all about E-Boards ( Concrete ones and Ones let u take your game on Sea Waves )



It is a combination of an electric surfboard with a hydrofoil. Because surfboard postion above the water ; the person surfs on smaller contact surface and therefore uses less electric power than Electric Surfboard to maintain the speed. Design of foil wings under the water, keeps the person above the water.


noun 1. a watercraft equipped with hydrofoils that uses an electric motor or motors for propulsion.

—Don Montague

There are few options on the market now : The Jetfoiler and Lift foil ( before the clones come)



Kai Concepts is a team of creative problem solvers with a unique combination of backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, inflatable design, competitive windsurfing and kitesurfing, multimedia production, and software development. Led by Don Montague, our Bay Area team has pushed the limits of water sports innovation for years.




Their site does not contain the specs on this bad boys, but there have been commnets that the boards speed is from 28-35 kmh

All images are from Jetfoiler, and check them out here Jetfoiler




price: 12.000 usd

How is Liftfoil different – their explanation

We cant say that we agree about pricing on this things, but for now it doesent matter

This are their SPECS :

Battery Features



pictures, video and info from : Liftfoil

EvNerds conclusion :

While we respect the companies behind this and love products like this;  We dont like the fact that none of this 2 companies state the exact voltage of battery, motor power, etc…..They lack even the normal info like max speed etc. But they dont lack the price tag. For us as product makers, thats not a nice move from a company. Besides, in like 10 minutes of GoogelDoodling u can find out what kind of battery should be uses , power of motor etc. So we dont get the price and Info, but we have all eyes on their boards and would like to ride them someday !