FLYING RODEO electric Hydrofoil hits 50 Km/h

New electric hydrofoil hits the water! Flying Rodeo can hit 50Km/h speed! Flying Rodeo Hydrofoil is new on the market, and it is a creation by David Vukovič from Slovenia. With these specs, Flying Rodeo can kick out the competition if they keep the price lower than other electric hydrofoils on the market.

Fly with Flying Rodeo

flying rodeo electric hydrofoil

Posted by Flying Rodeo on 2. listopada 2017

Flying Rodeo offers a special experience and a great dose of adrenaline flying above water for everyone who gets tired of chasing the wind.

flying rodeo electric hydrofoil
flying rodeo electric hydrofoil

What makes us different?
We combined the best materials, technology, and knowledge with only ONE purpose!
To offer you a perfect e-foil, hovering 1m above water with speed of about 50 km/h while maintaining a perfect balance.


flying rodeo electric hydrofoil


Posted by Flying Rodeo on 20. rujna 2017

Why Flying Rodeo Electric Hydrofoil?
We’ve adapted to different needs and with this, in mind, we’ve developed a few different models of e-foil so everyone can enjoy in their own style of ride and experience with Flying Rodeo.
The beginnings are crucial. And that is why we introduced a “Free Ride” model which is suitable for learning and offers security and stability for gliding above water.
And if you ever get eager for more adrenaline we have a “Race” model for you.The real catch is you don’t have to buy another foil because the components are interchangeable, so you buy one kit and get two Flyinrodeo e-foil models.

CLICK and GO connector for an even faster assembly!

Posted by Flying Rodeo on 4. ožujka 2018

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Posted by Flying Rodeo on 18. veljače 2018

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Posted by Flying Rodeo on 18. veljače 2018

All the materials are of the best quality and are very light. The entire kit weighs only 15kg. which means you can take it with you where ever life may take you.


Posted by Flying Rodeo on 23. prosinca 2017

CNC milling up to perfection

Posted by Flying Rodeo on 25. veljače 2018

Posted by Flying Rodeo on 8. kolovoza 2017

The combination of light wings and an electric motor which drives the propeller makes Flying Rodeo environment-friendly craft.
So enjoy your ride without any emissions, noise and even waves shouldn’t be a problem.

On this video, you can see how Flying Rodeo Hydrofoil is steady and powerful. It is not losing any thrust!

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