NARKE is new and the only electrojet in production right now

“Narke is not a jet ski. Narke is the world’s first electrojet designed for series production, which, thanks to its electric drive, is environmentally friendly and represents a sustainable future.

Narke is not a half-solution transformed from a gasoline model, but a whole new genre in shipping. Product development, clean design and the use of environmentally-conscious raw materials have been driven by electric drive since the beginning.

You don’t have to be loud to get attention. Narke is more than a toy. It is for special people who get attention not because they are louder than others. For those who dare to be free, know when to let off the gas and when to throttle back gently.”- NARKE


narke electrojet

“Our Hungarian development team has created the prototype of the electrojet. NARKE team members include experienced electric boat designers and shipbuilders as well as a management providing the economic background, thus creating the balance of stable technical and business expertise. In parallel with the development period, our development center has been established in Balatonvilágos, Hungary, where we are to prepare series production and can test the electrojet live.”- NARKE

What does Narke mean?

Originally, the word narke means a genus of electric rays, an extremely complex and unique creature, found in the western Indo-Pacific and off southern Africa. It’s special power (an extremely powerful electric shock) is only used in life-death combats against predators.

What is under the hood of NARKE electrojet?

? A Narke átlagos használat mellett 1,5 óra üzemidőre képes egy töltéssel. ? 2 óra töltési idő alatt pedig 80%-os töltöttségre.Kövess minket és tudj meg többet a világ első electrojetjéről!

Objavljuje NarkePonedjeljak, 4. lipnja 2018.

Water-cooled AC motor with 45 kW of pure electric power. 1,5 hours of fun on one CHARGE with SPEEDS up to 55 Km/h. Charge time is 2 hours for 80% and you can see all this information on the custom developed dashboard. The carbon fiber body of this electrojet can take hits from waves without any problem due to the structural integrity of used materials. If we missed any tech details, check out the picture below

electrojet electric jetski performance

You are probably wondering if this is just a one prototype with nice pictures, right? So did we until we checked out Social media like Facebook and Instagram for proof!

We can’t wait to test one out! This electrojet seems like an awesome product, and people seem to be using it in Hungary! The only problem this product has is ownership! This should be EvNerds official magazine vehicle, don’t you agree?

Please visit NARKE website for more information

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