WhiteShark MIX-Electric Water Scooter

The world’s smallest water scooter equipped with double propellers for swimming,snorkeling,diving

Very interesting concept from China

Whiteshark is right now in their ending IndieGogo campaign, this is what they wrote :

“Whiteshark MIX is an underwater electric propulsion system, equipped with double propeller pulp,Powerful, Minimalist and human-oriented design,Can make you travel speed in the water easily reach the level of professional swimmers, enjoy the glory of the swimming pool. Whiteshark MIX have two propellers. Each propeller has a propulsive force up to 8.83lbf(total thrust 17.66lbf). It can give you an unprecedented underwater experience.

The compact and integrated body design  make it small enough to  take it anywhere.

WhiteShark MIX is featured with integrated body design, propulsion system and two propellers. Each propeller has a propulsive force up to 8.83lbf(total thrust 17.66lbf). It enables you to swim as fast as a professional swimming athlete and enjoy the attention-getting moment in the arena.

In order to provide a better experience, MIX is carefully designed and well made.The minimalist and balanced design ,only the magnetic switches on both sides of the hand grips are retained.the scooter will start by simply pressing the two triggers of each side simultaneously(must be both), if you need to stop, just let go any one of or both triggers.All you need to do is simply pick it up and enjoy the exhilarating sensation of swimming freely in water.

With our dual propellers balance design on both sides, MIX looks harmonious in structure and in appearance. However, we did not forget about the safety issues when it comes to facing different condition under the water. We design the protective net around the propellers, which eliminate the risk of being cut by the propellers. Also, the special zero buoyancy design ensures MIX for not being a burden since it will float on the surface of the water if you release it in the water.Without hidden hazard, you will enjoy a free swimming.”


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