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City Electric Bicycle ZLEE is a Unique Creation from Croatia

City electric bicycle ZLEE is a hobby project built and produced in Croatia. Zlee built two prototypes with a 1 kWh battery, 2kw Hub motors and a laser-cut aluminum frame. Maximum speed is 65 Km/h and the total weight of this robust looking frame is only 39 Kg. White Zlee electric bicycle is still for sale!

electric city bicycle

zlee-electric-bicycleZlee City Electric Bicycle Specifications

zlee electric bicycle

BLDC electric motor: Nominal power 1000W, peak 2000W
Battery: 48V-21Ah, prismatic pouch special cell 3.7V Li-Ion, capacity 1kWh
Speed: Limited to 25km/h, (maximum 65km/h)
Weight: 39kg
Total permissible weight 150kg
Length 2010mm
Width 164mm
Height 990mm
Handle bar width 800mm
Charging time: About 4 hours
Battery charge and discharge monitoring, smart BMS 100A
Range 60-80 km
Unlocking and locking with a key or mobile application

electric bicycle hub motor
ZLEE Frame Components


Other ZLEE city electric bike parts
In-wheel electric motor
Low center of gravity due to battery placement
Aluminum wheels 26×4 “, double wall
Strong stainless steel wheel spokes
Shimano hydraulic brakes with 180mm discs
Gel seat

Trip computer in smart BMS, Bluetooth communication on android app
High-quality lithium-ion battery
Carbon fiber details and covers
All screws on chassis are from stainless steel
All parts of the frame are laser cut
Frame and rims protected by plastification
The complete frame is produced and assembled in Croatia / EU

The price of this unique prototype is around 2000 Euros.

You wanna know more? Visit ZLEE bikes

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