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Cool as Ice electric motorcycle DIY build

Figures, as this DIY electric motorcycle is built in Finland

Teemu Saukkio is a Finland Welder by Day, and Crazy Inventor by Night

We Say, he is awesome electric motorcycle DIY designer and engineer!

Teemu Saukkio decided to build an electric motorcycle because it gave him more freedom in design. He explains he can do more weird stuff with the electric motor than with gasoline.

He wanted something special designed by himself. He took electric motor because it’s more simple and it has fewer parts that need taking care of and it’s more efficient and ecological.

He only bought wheels, shocks, and brakes. Everything else is designed and built by his hands. He was trying to get 300km of range 30kw and 100Nm, but at the end, he got 17.5kw and 126Nm.

The battery is not in perfect balance (he is using recycled 18650 batteries) so he is missing some power there.He is planning to build the second version in the following months.

Take a look at the build!

Before this build, he built different gas versions

evo 1 evo2 evo3 evo4 evo5 #supermoto #caferacer #hondaxl600r #bikebuilder #metalfabricator #cantseemtostop #rmktouhuaa

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He started with this Sketch

first scetch? #rmkdoese1

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Sexy steel tubes welding

Front frame part almost finished

soon whit two wheels ? #electriccaferacer #electricmotorcycle #diyev #rmkdoese1 #needasponsor

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Rear Swingarm Design

small mod is still needed ūüėÄ #electriccaferacer #electricmotorcycle #diyev #extremediy #rmkdoese1 #needasponsor

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Battery box mockup

do you like my seat ūüėÄ #electriccaferacer #electricmotorcycle #mpmessut2017 #rmkdoese1 #diyev

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Seat Design and motorcycle fitted with all parts

His moto Size compared to popular Zero Motorcycles

He even built his Arduino Ev computer Dashboard

a small teaser of what is happening whit e1 at the moment. i cant take credit from this work. becouse i have a helper. huge thanks for him. #arduino #rmkdoese1 #diyelectricmotorcycle #diyev #kesälläkilpiin

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all the menus #diyev #diyelectricmotorcycle #diyelectricvehicle

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He figured he would probably need to cool down the battery

added some fans for battery cells. should keep them cool:D #diyelectricvehicle #diyev #rmkdoese1 #electricmotorcycle

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1404 pcs of recycled 18650 battery build !

Asking smaller engineer for help is a must

texas hold em semi pro #likefatherlikeson #rocklife

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Finishing the Battery connections

The Sound of Electric Storm !

#diyelectricmotorcycle #electricmotorcycles #electricmotorcycle #motorcycle

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The Ride


Parts used for the build are:

controller: kelly kls 8080 controller.

motor: me 0913 motor 

battery: recycled 18650 cell battery

Follow him on his Instagram, or go to his Youtube channel

Let’s end this article with few words: Innovative, smart and clean electric motorcycle design built with passion



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