Interview with electric vehicles influencer – Bruno Bari Buccianti

The Iconic Bruno Bari Buccianti is one of the most influential people on the Ev scene. He is also a guy that will scream at you if you show him a nice overpowered electric vehicle project. We love him for doing that, and youtube loves him for being different ( look at his viewers count on youtube). He is original and fresh, and for some sick reason, he gave us an interview. A small EV magazine that’s trying to be different as well. So, thanks Bruno for that.

So you are the guy who screams more Poweeeer all the time? Intentionally, or you cant help your excitement?

Screaming is a manifestation of my excitement!! Some people get quiet… I scream instead. I just can’t help myself when I see multiple things I love (e.g motors, batteries, controllers) all in one place. I was tired of watching extremely boring technical videos that would put me to sleep, so I decided to do something different, and really express myself. It isn’t an act or fake, it’s really me in my real true form haha.

Workout… at work!!!

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Can you tell us more how you ended up screaming about electronics, batteries and brushless motors? How did this happen, you told me that your Dad had something to do with it?

I was born in Brazil and spent my childhood surrounded by engineers. My family and friends are all engineers and all we ever talked about was technology, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I have exposed to a lot of technology thanks to my dad, who is an electronics engineer and worked at IBM for 37 years. I live in Australia now and it was actually a silly video of me speeding that I had uploaded to Youtube for my dad to watch that it started it all. I didn’t realize I left the video as “public” instead of “private” so it began to get likes and views and lots of people started dropping comments asking for more. The Youtube idea was never planned, it all kinda happened from nowhere and I just loved this new life!!

Tell us more about your current job and your work history background?

I got my degree in electronics and industrial automation and my first corporate job was for IBM where I started fixing industrial automation printing systems. I did a bit of software and then went back to full on hardware where I managed a refurbishing department which was a creative and fun time. I also worked with professional audio-visual equipment for many years. With my Youtube channel, I got lots of opportunities to go back and work with electronics and I took a risk and left my job to work at Emax. It was the best decision I ever made and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been building batteries for 2.5 years and did a lot of consulting for very interesting projects. On one of these projects, I started working with Jaron at Batrium, who was already my friend from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association. That project ended with me working with Batrium where I now do product development and support.

For many this news is long overdue, we have a new member in our team! Please welcome Bruno!As we grapple with our…

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Sketch Coleman is a musician, builds electric motorcycles and has that Hubsink company, do you have any magic skills not related to e-vehicles?

Yes, I have a passion for subwoofers! When I was a teenager I would go hungry and save all my lunch money to buy subwoofers and powerful amps. My parents were very worried about where I was getting the money from (they thought I selling drugs or something!). I made a massive subwoofer wall with 16 subs that was so powerful it would make people not be able to breathe, or some sub frequencies would put you to sleep.. it was crazy. My technology addiction used to be subwoofers and now I’ve moved onto EV’s that I can build and ride and high speed with adrenalin pumping ohhh yeaahh!!

If you can pick 3 best Evs (conversions or full builds ) from ES, what would they be?

1. Matt Schumaker’s (Recumpence) 20,000 watts yellow trike with twin AstroFlight RC motors back in 2009/2010. This video and his EndlessSphere thread inspired me and many other builders.

Matt Schumaker's (Recumpence) 20,000 watts yellow trike
Matt Schumaker’s 20,000 watts yellow trike
Matt Schumaker's 20,000 watts yellow trike
Matt Schumaker’s 20,000 watts yellow trike
Matt Schumaker's 20,000 watts yellow trike
Matt Schumaker’s 20,000 watts yellow trike

endless sphere link to project
electricbike article bout 50 mph electric trike

2. Sketch Coleman’s electric supermoto: I remember talking to Sketch in an EV festival back in 2016 about making something different and ridiculously overpowered, he came up with this crazy supermoto idea just a few months later haha ohh yeahh!! article here


KUL7IST photo of Sketch and his electric Supermoto

3. James’s 175kmh Orange Electric Bicycle: this was a work involving many EndlessSphere members and I had the pleasure to help to put things together, testing and tuning. Yes, we transformed a bicycle into something super unique and it is reaching now 175kmh and still have some more power to squeeze!

Here is the beast ready to roll… No filters or colour enhancement! This powerful DIY electric bicycle actually looks SUPER SCREAMING BRIGHT in real life!!! * QS 205 5T hub motor with ferro fluid and HubSinks, monster acceleration, zero noise and top speed should be over 115kmh (yes, this is a bicycle) * Sabvoton 96100 controller hacked and unlocked for more POWER!! * Custom battery 117.6v 21Ah 28s 7p with 196 high discharge 3000mAh LG HG2 18650 cells. This massive battery can pump over 16400watts continuously (22hp) and peak even a LOT more POWER for few seconds… pretty mad!! * Cycle Analyst V3 * 2008 Santa Cruz Jackal frame: the whole bike, frame and parts were professionally powder coated * Magura MT5 brakes * DNM triple clamp forks * 75mm wide , 26inch wheels with Hookworms #diy #beastmode #fastandfurious #racing #electricbike #electricmotorcycle #qsmotor #sabvoton #custom #highvoltage #18650 #battery #powdercoat #hubsink #ferrofluid #dragracing #fast #motogp #motorcycle #moto #mtb #roadbike #ebike #performance #power #batteryporn

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If you could buy any product from the EV market, what would it be?

Option A: 700 volts AMR dual inline stack, capable of 700hpg

Option B: secondhand Tesla drivetrain

Motor controller: maybe the RINEHART MOTION SYSTEMS PM150DZ 720V 300ARMS

Batteries: Kokam cells are just a next level, amazing lifecycle, discharge and charging capabilities, power density, the quality control they’re expensive but they last!!

What’s your favorite video you did and why?

My favorite videos are the ones that I went somewhere and interviewed people or showed their companies, like the Sunswift racing solar car and when I went to China and visited EM3EV’s battery factory. My all-time favorite video is obviously Ripperton showing his DIY 210kW Electric Yamaha R1 on the racetrack against petrol bikes.

New company you work for is BMS related? Can you tell us more about advantages over other BMS products? How is this different?

I think one of our best BMS features is that it has a high power bypass level compared to the market ~2A (1A cont.) which is far above many others claimed characteristics. The boards are thermal epoxy coated to handle the durability requirements.

Just received the first shipment of 3D printed enclosures for Watchmon4. We just started the assembly, will be ready for…

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The devices are fully configurable. All sensor values and temperatures we typically have a secondary backup to be able to remote verify if the device is faulty. The supervisor board has 10 years of data logging of key metrics and several days of recent activity. The devices are designed for the full life cycle of the battery.
Most of the problems with typically bms’s occur at initial installation so have designed a significant number of features to handle the pitfalls at commissioning, operation, recovery and post investigation.
We have a specialized soc% sensor module that is attached to the external Shunt to improve its accuracy. This module is attached to a provided shunt in a factory and verified and calibrate for every unit. The typical shunt has a very high tolerance +/- 1% and hence this need to be improved on as at 500A max this can be a significant variance.The system has remote access via wifi, usb, canbus and soon to be complete remote access via MQTT. We have also completed the integration of a number of remote systems (inverter/chargers) so that we can carefully control the charging and discharge to ensure the cells remaining in their optimal operating parameters.
There is a lot more info about our BMS at and you’ll also find many happy Batrium users on YouTube and at SECOND LIFE STORAGE SYSTEMS

I heard that you want to change your YouTube & Instagram name, don’t you want to be “ElectricBike” anymore? Why? How are people going to find you?

Yes, I loved my “ElectricBike” name for the first 2 years (2015 & 2016) but I like building a lot of different things (not only bikes). I want to show the Electric Vehicles we build at the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, solar panels, drones, robots, machines, interesting electronics, tools etc. I started feeling that the “ElectricBike” name was narrowing the type of videos I could post on my channel. Many times I considered starting a second channel but its just too much work starting from scratch again and maintaining both. My “brand” is a combination of my name, my logo (photo below) and “so much POWEEER” (my catchphrase).

I considered many names:





I am still deciding between these options but most likely will be something like “SoMuchPOWER” or “BrunoPOWEEER”. Any suggestions?
EvNerds: We like SoMuch Poweer, but let the people VOTE IN COMMENT SECTION bellow the article

Can you show us your Crazy Scientist Garage and tell us more about it?

I just made a video showing my Electronics Lab & Battery Buildings Workshop, I think watching this video will give you a better idea than any words I type here haha…


  • “SoMuchPOWER”
  • “ElectricPOWER”
  • “MorePOWEEER”
  • “BrunoPOWEEER”

You can follow Bruno on any of the given Social networks mentioned in this article!

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