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Mobilijo DIY Indonesian E-bikes

Sepeda Listrik is Indonesian word for electric bike

Mobilijo DIY electric bikes ( Sepeda Listrik is Indonesian word for the electric bike ) from Indonesia are equipped with electric motors with powers from 500-5000 watts, depending on customer desires. Voltage ranges from 48v – 78 v with lithium battery capacity of 20Ah ( around 30 Km range ) Frames are made of iron and stainless steel!

The design of ebikes is quite nice! Mobilijo makes custom DIY electric trike, electric chopper, and electric bobber designs. All work is custom and they have their own ebike brand SELIGED

Electric Fat-Trike by Mobilijo

diy electric trike

Objavljuje Wiwien Vegas u Četvrtak, 28. lipnja 2018.


Objavljuje Wiwien Vegas u Četvrtak, 28. lipnja 2018.

Inovasi kendaraan listrik

Objavljuje Wiwien Vegas u Srijeda, 27. lipnja 2018.

Other Mobilijo DIY E-trikes

sepeda listrik roda 3 By Mobilijo @arena.modifikasi

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E-Jobike-Electric Bike

indonesian electric bike

Objavljuje Wiwien VegasNedjelja, 3. lipnja 2018.

DIY Electric Chopper

Objavljuje Wiwien VegasSubota, 5. svibnja 2018.

electric chopper

Terimakasih utk teman2 mahasiswa Papua yg telah mengunjungi Mobilijo utk melihat dan berfoto dgn kendaraan listrik Custom kami …. Salam go green … Ayo miliki karya anak Bangsa

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Ketika turis asing penasaran dgn Seliged dari Jogja #silbctv #silbc_tv

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Nice Electric Cruiser E-bike


Objavljuje Wiwien Vegas u Ponedjeljak, 16. listopada 2017.

Salam Go Green Yuk miliki sepeda listrik sekarang

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Chopper E-bike

Banggalah dgn memiliki karya sendiri … Salam go green

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It is very nice to see other communities around the world are also getting the same parts like QSmotors, mid-drive Bafang motors etc.. for their DIY conversions. Luckily, everytime somebody tests new batteries or new controllers, we can all find out if they are good or bad on Social Media, like the batteries in an enclosed aluminum shell that Mobilijojo uses. The only thing left is to learn Indonesian and ask them are they good or not 🙂

Battery lithium 48v 15Ah

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Dinamo hub 1500w 60v ring 14 lebar 10cm

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This Indonesian DIY electric bike company has much more to look at. Go to their facebook page to know more

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