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Paul’s E-trail with Cyclone Mid-Motor and Other Weird Electric Mopeds and E-bikes

There is a guy in Finland doing a lot of homemade electric mopeds and e-bikes. He said on his personal Instagram profile that things got a little out of the hand when he took pictures of his overcrowded electric garden. His name is Paul Bradt and he is an electric vehicle addict! Do not worry Paul, we all are! electric-mopeds-garden

He has fast productivity, micro design solutions, so check out our Finish DIY builder from Instagram

E-trail Motorcycle Build with Cyclone Mid-Motor by Paul

E-trail motorcycle with Cyclone mid-motor

E-Trail project with recycled minibike frame, Cyclone mid motor, 24×4” wheels. Battery box making is next.- Paul Brandt

E-trail motorcycle with Cyclone mid-motor

Battery box making from Al-sheet with simple hand tools: Measure, mark, scrape bend lines with homemade scraping tool, cut, bend and tape with aluminum tape – Paul Brandt

E-trail motorcycle with Cyclone mid-motor

al sheet metal for ebike box

Box made out of aluminum sheets and tape

e tracker

E-trail finished

e trail electric trails bike

First snow ride with big fat tires. Rode home the latest creation, a sort of a trail bike with Cyclone electric mid motor – Paul Brandt

electric moped e-trail

electric moped with cyclone mid-motor

We find this DIY build worthy because it shows how little effort and imagination is needed to transform an old not usable frame into a new vintage moped piece.

Paul Brandt also made some extraordinary mopeds and e-bikes. We actually do not know what category should this be: Mini electric mopeds maybe?

Mini Electric Moped by Paul Brandt


electric moped

electric moped

mini electric bike

These mini mopeds have that Unimoke, Coast Cycles and Super 73 look in a smaller package.

Than there are this crazy machines from Paul Brandt’s mind:

Ebikes with popular 198 type hub motor used as a mid-drive

Ebike with an old vintage frame with front Girder fork and rear hub motor

Some kind of mobility scooter made for fun

electric moped

There is a lot more To Paul. Check out his Instagram here, and website here. If you want to see more custom DIY electric builds, check out this category.

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