Biktrix Ultra FS Fat Tire E-MTBs Arrive April 2018

Steve here again from Really Good Ebikes. This time I’m stoked to report that the newest batch of Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS and Ultra MX models will start shipping in about a month, and we’re already starting to take pre-orders. If history repeats itself, and you know it does, then these monster trucks of e-MTB will go fast.

If you didn’t know already, Biktrix is an electric bike company from Saskatoon, Canada, founded in 2014 with successful campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And every year since then, based on feedback from customers, they have made improvements to their premiere Juggernaut electric mountain bike (e-MTB) series.

Extremely Ultra Mid-Drive

The Biktrix Ultra FS is a full-suspension e-MTB, featuring the new Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, rated 1000W nominal (1500W peak). This motor shares the great fundamental engineering of the Bafang BBSHD, but uses larger and more robust components, including it’s motor core. The Ultra Max was designed to be more reliable and handle more hot-rodding than the popular BBSHD.  It is only 2 pounds heavier than the BBSHD (15 pounds vs 13 pounds) resulting in a much bigger motor with better heat-dissipating qualities and still plenty of ground clearance. The Ultra mid-drive delivers 120Nm of torque (88.50 ft-lb).

The motor includes a built-in torque sensor (rather than a cadence sensor) with metal (rather than nylon) reduction gears. With 9 levels of programmable pedal assist (PAS) the Ultra is one of the best electric mountain bikes on the market today. The Ultra FS also sports a convenient Class 2 thumb (trigger) throttle, so you can pedal unassisted like a regular mountain bike, use pedal assist to help you along, or use the throttle and enjoy the ride without pedaling at all.

Massive Component Technology

But we would be remiss if we only focused on the Ultra FS motor, because this ebike has so much more going for it. Let’s start with the downtube-integrated, high density battery pack. The 48V/11.6Ah version features Samsung 18650 cells; and the 48V/17Ah and 48V/20Ah versions feature LG 18650 cells. These batteries will deliver a range of 20-80 mile from a single charge, and all fast-charging, reaching 80% fully in about 2 hours. Although, as an aside, we believe that lithium batteries will have their lives extended by slow charging at 2 amps or less.

The Ultra FS comes with DNM AOY-36RC rear shock, and your choice from suspension fork, (which we will get to in a moment.) Have you heard about DNM and their shocks? With over 10 years of experience, DNM know shock tech. The AOY-36RC has adjustments for rebound, lockout and high pressure, a dark hard-anodized AL-7075 Ø 10 mm (0.39 inch) damper shaft, and a dark hard-anodized AL-6061 shock body. On the front end you get your choice of the RST Guide 26-TNL or Wren Inverted Suspension forks. Both have 135mm dropouts; the RST has 80mm travel; and the Wren has 100mm to 150mm travel.

Another set of choices you’ll have to make when specifying your Ultra FS is rim and tire size. The options included 26” x 4.0” Fat Tire, 27.5” x 3.0” MTB/Commuter, or 29” x 3.0” 29er MTB/Commuter. It should be noted that we use the term “commuter” very loosely here.

Rounding out this awesome package, the Ultra FS features Tektro Auriga 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and automatic motor cutoffs, Shimano Deore XT 10-speed drivetrain, Neco threadless head parts, Spainga integrated lights, Velo saddle, and an 850C color LCD display with USB charging port.

Final Thoughts

If you spend anytime in the Biktrix Owner’s Group on Facebook, you will soon learn how passionate Ultra owner can be about their road warriors. And for good reason. These ebikes are comparable in price with Luna Cycles, but generally less than you’d pay for a Haibike. But unlike those big ebike companies, Biktrix is still pretty same, and every bike is handcrafted to perfection. So, needless to say, we’re big fans of the Biktrix Ultra FS.

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