Burning Man Electric Vehicles And Their Owners Are Crazy Creative!

Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. In our opinion, it is also an electric vehicle city since they have limitations to speed and how much noise a vehicle can create. Light EVs are ideal for this limits

The power of the Burning Man experience is held by each member of the community. It requires everyone to do their part. Burning Man is the sum total of the activities of its participants, and the ways to participate are as unlimited as one’s imagination. Most of those activities are connected to art in one way or another. And that is how crazy electric machines end up on Burning Man. These guys make the festival look even brighter and more creative:




Crazy thing that looks like a wheelchair with mechanical legs. This electric thing was made by Mark Ellis. Take a look at his youtube channel to see his DIY process

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I’m back from That Thing In The Desert! The Playa Crawler held up really well and despite some minor electrical issues in the beginning the lithium battery worked like a champ and easily beat out the lead acid batteries. I had rushed to get it assembled so nothing had been lubed until I got out there. I really think that the cable and chain lube I’m using dissolves thread locker because when I ran it after lubing it up the screws would work their way loose and I kept having to stop and retighten them in. The next day I took out any loose screws I could find, wiped the threads clean, and reapplied the thread locker and it worked just fine after that. I think my next improvement on the legs will be switching out the button head binding posts for maybe socket head binding posts and find a way to wire tie them together so that they don’t come loose. I also got to see Scott Parenteau @walkingpod and his newest creation the Quadrupod which is a 4-legged variant of his previous Tin Spider which both use the Jansen Linkage for locomotion. I was able to take a picture of it with my Crawler and eventually met up with Scott and got him to take the Crawler for a spin. I can’t wait to see his walking. Can’t have too many Strandbeest creations out there! #playacrawler

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The SPACE INVADERS electric vehicle LED thingy made from an electric forklift and used for various performances and shows on Burning Man. Check out the owners profile by clicking on the Instagram name.

Julia Knoth and her ONEWHEEL

ONEWHEEL electric skateboards are a thing on Burning Man. This is nothing new. But we love this photo so much: The “ANIMAL” lady on ONEWHEEL electric skateboard looks RAD!

And now, let us show you the vehicle that was the reason for us to write this article.

David Matz and his electric MONOWHEEL

Yes, David Matz also drives ONEWHEEL

This year, he created in 3 days with his friends a cheap DIY electric monowheel with small hub motor, metal ring, and some rubber. David has a company Volta wheel for his performances so he has an experience of maneuvering electric donuts. He was happy, but pretty busy when we asked him to help us get all the information for this article. We can see that inner cage has on each angle: support wheels composed in an angled position opposite one to another wherein the middle, this two parallel sets of wheels fully support the outer metal ring. Under the seat, there is a battery ( Probably 48v ) and a hub motor that is pushed on the inner part of the outer ring that provides the propulsion. We love this DIY hack, its genius in its simplicity!

diy electric monowheel burning man

Hope you enjoyed this moments of electric fun on Burning Man. And, Share if you care!

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