DrivEn drivetrain from CERAMICSPEED

DrivEn drivetrain

DriveEn is a new and revolutionary 13-speed bicycle drivetrain that sets the benchmark as the world’s most efficient drivetrain. The drive system creates 60% less friction when compared to traditional derailleur drivetrains. Being 99.2% efficient, all power is transferred through ceramic bearing rolling elements. DrivEn exhibits no sliding friction, when compared to a traditional chain drivetrain that includes 8 points of sliding friction where the chain bends back and forth, 2 pulley wheels, plus the frictional effects of cross chaining. DrivEn eliminates all of this. To achieve the ultimate lowest friction, the system uses CeramicSpeed bearings in the pinion spinners and the shaft.

No chains. No derailleurs. The future is Driven. CeramicSpeed is glad to introduce worlds most efficient drivetrain,…

Objavljuje CeramicSpeedNedjelja, 8. srpnja 2018.


This system could be very useful on ebikes. Imagine if this would incorporate mid-drive or front wheel electric hub motor

“DrivEn”: A new and revolutionary 13-speed bicycle drivetrain by @ceramicspeed. It sets the benchmark as the world’s most efficient drivetrain and won a #eurobikeshow AWARD. #eurobike #eurobike2018 #eurobikeshow #bikeshow #bicycle #bikeride #biketrends #bikeaward #bikeinnovation #cycling #cyclelife #ridelife #bikelove #bikebusiness #fahrrad #ceramicspeed #drivetrain

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This prototype chainless bike suggests the future of cycling could be ceramic

The future of cycling may just have been revealed at Eurobike, an annual cycling trade show that is taking place right now in Germany. At the event, a company called CeramicSpeed took the wraps off a prototype bike that looks like something straight out of a science-fiction movie, complete with a revolutionary new chainless drive system that promises to be a revelation for riders, improving speed and efficiency without an increase in power.- DIGITAL TRENDS

DrivEn is currently still only a single-speed prototype; a multi-speed system with nearly 500% of total range is conceptualized for promotional photos, but it doesn’t actually work. The idea of how it might work sounds promising.



Eurobike Jury Statement

This innovative concept uses plates instead of cogs for the gearing and features a transmission shaft in the drivetrain. All in all, it represents an interesting prototype of a new drive type.

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