DSRAIDER and EZRAIDER 4 wheel electric vehicles from Israel

DSRAIDER and EZRAIDER are 4 wheel electric vehicles and a crazy mix between full suspension electric skateboard and Kickscooter with 4 wheels.

ezraider electric vehicles

They are made in 2 versions. Fun version ( EZRAIDER) and utilltiy version (DSRAIDER)

We do not know in what category we should put this vehicle, but neither does the company :

Electric-powered Mobility Platform • A category of it’s own • Offering unmatched feeling and experience – EZRAIDER QUOTE ON INSTAGRAM

Look at the models and tell us in comment section: What EV category are this vehicles in?


EZRAIDER is Fun offroad electric vehicle with 2×1200 watt hub motors


Unique patented suspension and steering systems that enable the EZ RAIDER to “surf” through hard terrain with maximum stability and safety to the user.


Unique and patented Long Travel Suspension that enabales to raid in extreme off-road terrains in high speed.


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Designed with an extremely low center of gravity while maintaining a high ground clearance.

Watch EZRAIDER video from Youtube:

We can conclude this is a really awesome product, with the different approach to electric vehicle design and maneuvrability. Too bad there is none in Europe for test.


DS RAIDER is utillity version of  EZRAIDER, and it comes in two versions:

DSraider 4X4 specs

Length: 170cm
Width: 74cm
Height: 135cm (folded: 75cm)
Weight: 125kg
Battery: 60V, 3000 w/h
Motor: 4X1200w
Max speed: 50kmh (programable)
Operating range: 75km (according to terrain and use)
Payload: 170 kg
Towing capacity: 150 kg

DSraider 2X4 specs

Length: 165cm
Width: 70cm
Height: 129cm (folded: 66cm)
Weight: 95kg
Battery: 60V, 3000 w/h
Motor: 2X1200w
Max speed: 50kmh (programable)
Operating range: 75km (according to terrain and use)
Payload: 170 kg
Towing capacity: 150 kg


If you wish to know more about this Israeli made electric vehicles, go to ezraider website

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