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We have 5 days left until 10.04.2018. for your entry in GIVEAWAY CONTEST where you can win Micah Toll’s book: DIY LITHIUM BATTERIES. In our opinion it is still the best book on How to make Lithium Battery pack yourself! Long story short: Click CREATE and post your Ebike, Electric motorcycle, Lithium battery BUILD on EvNerds website. Anything that is DIY! IF we were not understandable enough, here is Ebike School video about this contest:

More on the BOOK you may win!

You want to build your own lithium battery packs, but you need the right knowledge to do it safely. Micah Toll’s Amazon #1 Bestselling book, DIY Lithium Batteries: How To Build Your Own Battery Packs has everything you need. From a background on all the different types of lithium battery cells, to theory on pack design and connection methods, to example pack constructions built before your eyes, this book has it all.

Don’t take our word for it though, here are a few of the Amazon verified customer reviews:

“The book is the definitive instruction manual for a DIY enthusiast and for businesses that want to build high quality battery packs.”

“Great book. Explained clearly to the layman (me and others) the ins and outs of doing your own lithium battery pack. If you’re not an electronics guy like I’m not it is very helpful without being too technical. If you’re thinking about doing your own e-bike battery this will get you there. All in all I learned a lot.”

“Very good book indeed. Easy to read and understand. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to know about Lithium Batteries, or just about batteries in general. I believe this book can be very useful to novices and experts alike. If you are interested in building your own Lithium Battery Bank, you need this book. Just my humble opinion. I would rate this Book 5 Stars.”

“Wish I had this book to read years ago when I was trying to understand the lithium batteries in my ebike. I also carried this knowledge on to a solar system using lithium batteries. Micah explains the hard to grasp electrical and chemical nature of lithium batteries. And most important you can tell that Micah has the hands on expertise to back up what he is talking about so it is real world advice.
I have been reading up on lithium batteries for years and this book is filling in a lot of the gaps of knowledge that I missed. Every book on a complex subject should be this easy to read and understand.”

“I’ve been scraping the rust and dust off my electronics knowledge gained 25 years ago while in the Navy. Batteries have changed so much between then and now that even with a full review of the material from back then, it’s left me with plenty of questions. Several current battery technologies can become a dangerous mess real fast if not handled properly, and I’m not a huge fan of exploding toxic bombs! I am fully prepared to use lead acid batteries on my trike project if I have to, but I think this book will really help me fill in the blanks on current technology. From a former military trained electronics technician, seriously, this is good stuff.”

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