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Ezewheels Viper Review | Best Electric Scooter of 2020

My own personal review of the Ezewheels Viper electric bike as shown in the beautiful Metro Manila in the Philippines.

The year 2020 really brought so much that we would rather forget. One of the good things though to come out of the past 12 months was this Ezwheels Viper electric scooter available to buy now here in Manila, Philippines.

To say that I came away impressed with it would be a big understatement. It has the speed, the range, the comfort, the ease of use and overall convenient design to call it the best electric scooter I have had a chance to try so far by a mile.

When you factor in the very reasonable price, of 35K Php ($725 Usd) this turns into the best balance available between the cost to what you actually get for your money. If I personally had a real need for a long range scooter, I would not hesitate to purchase this one for myself.

Since I almost never have any need to ride out of BGC, Taguig, I will stick to my Xiaomi m365 at least for now. If you are looking to purchase this electric scooter, please visit this page below:

Description of the Ezewheels Viper:

Color: White, Black

Motor: 48v 1000W

Battery: 18Ah Lithium-Ion

Max Speed: 45kph

Range: 60km

Weight: 22 kg

Charge Time: 4-6 Hours (Depends how much is the consumption)

Brakes: Disc Front / Disc Back

Suspension: Dual Shock – Front / Dual Rear Shock (Inside Frame)

Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy

Fender: Front Fender / Back Fender

Max Load: 120 kg

Tire Size: 85/65-6.5 Off Road Tire (11 Inch Tires)

Display: Digital

Throttle: Thumb Wuxing

About me:

My name is Dmitry and I am a New York City Expat, now living in Manila, Philippines. I have a passion for photography, and making videos as I travel around the world with my wife, while immersing ourselves in the cultures and the people we visit. Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on beautiful environments, pleasant vibes and exciting adventures. If you would like to work with me on any project in or around Manila, please message me through Instagram or through Facebook!

Stay safe and Love all. ??




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Written by Dmitry Popov

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