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Hero Rider electric scooters S8 and S9 introduction

Even with COVID 2020. pandemic the innovation in electric scooter manufacturing does not stop. A few years back, electric skateboards were making this technical progress on the scene. This year we have seen the first electric unicycles with suspension from King Song and Inmotion and a lot of new electric kick scooters. Few of them were innovative, but in most cases, they were copies of each other or upgraded older models. One of the few to distinguish themselves as an original new manufacturer of PEVs is Hero rider with its two new 45 Km/h electric kick-ass scooters: S8 and S9.

Hero S9
Hero S9 electric scooter / Photo by: Marko Bettini / Riders: Pero and Lora
hero rider s9
Hero rider S9 / Photographed by Marko Bettini / Rider: Nikola Prokl

To give you our opinion we will specify 3 categories for electric scooters on the market right now:

  1. Low powered scooters up to 500 watts with speeds from 15 – 35 Km/h and range bellow 35 Km. This category king is Xiaomi M365 followed by Segway, Ninebot scooters, and all other Xiaomi clones with creative names. These kickscooters usually have no suspension at all or small front spring /hydraulic suspension and their weight is 20 Kg or less. They are made for fun or small commutes to working place. In the last 6 months, companies like Inmotion and Segway are rolling out models like G30 that has increased range over the mentioned 35 Km     * We are talking about stock versions, not the ones that have hacked firmware
  2. High powered scooters like Weped, Zero 10x, Currus, Kugoo, Rion, Dualtron electric kick-scooters with speeds way over 45 Km/h up to incredible 110 Km/h with a battery range up to 100 Km. These scooters motor power is from 1600 – 10 000 watts with one or two motors mounted in front and rear wheel. They are used for off-road and city riding. Because of this kind of use, they come with front and rear suspension with long travel. They are usually very heavy and above 26 Kg of weight.
  3. Mid-powered scooters are where we put Hero rider kickscooters. This category is interesting because it is the best of both worlds for people who want the design and quality of high powered scooters, a lot of torque for gaining speeds up to 45 Km/h, and suspension design of high powered scooters to tackle any terrain. The scooters in this category feature wider decks and big batteries as seen in High powered category.

S9 and S8 Electric Kick-scooters from HERO RIDER

Hero S9 and Hero S8 / EvNerds Rider: Miha / Photo by Marko Bettini

S9 is a beast compared to Xiaomi M365 or any other scooter from low powered category. We could compare it best by saying it is a little faster and more responsive than Zero 9 with a better rear dual suspension geometry and a hidden spring in front suspension design with more speed, and range. It is a buttery smooth ride with 8,5-inch air tires. 


S9 in the city / Photo credits: Marko Bettini / Rider: Miha

Keep in mind that this is a city machine, not an all-terrain scooter like S8. With its 600-watt continuous power motor ( 1200 watt peak ), the S9 is a top performer in City and we will show you this in our upcoming review.

In situations where you need speed, it will instantly accelerate without making you ever feel like you are losing traction with the road. When you are braking; the regen and drum brakes set up on the front and rear wheel work perfectly and they are noiseless compared to disk brakes. The scooter is easy to fold in 5 seconds and fits any car trunk same as Hero S8.

S8 has an 800-watt motor ( 1600 watt peak ) and has much more torque than S9. Love it or hate it, this 8-inch scooter has solid tires and the whole scooter depends on a very well balanced dual front and dual rear spring suspension design. This also means zero flats. Turning with this scooter feels natural, not like many other wide wheel designs where you do not feel like the scooter is listening to you. Acceleration is awesome and the ability to jump with the scooter and go through dirt makes this scooter a very versatile machine. 

Both of the model’s front wheels when the scooter is folded can be moved left and right. This can be very useful if you have a tight space where you keep them. The handlebar is wide with a foldable mechanism so it will not feel like your hands are too close to one and another, and this width will give you more control while steering.

S9 and S8 feature specific tail design with an acrylic transparent red part that looks like a spoiler on a race car.

hero s8 and s9 tail desgin
Tail design on S8 and S9  /  Photo by: Marko Bettini

This tail is not just a design feature; it supports the rear leg and keeps you in a ready-for-action position. This is just one of many features that make this scooter stand out. Other than that, you have a steering made out of the cubic aluminum tube ( not boring round design ), incredible ambient light on the left, and right side of the scooter controlled either with a remote controller or with an application over the phone. These lights are the best we have seen, and actually, the first kick scooter that has a sort of unified LED light design. You can see what that is all about in pictures.

Hero S8 LED lights / Photo by: Marko Bettini / Rider: Pero
hero s9 lights
Hero rider S9 light / Photo by: Marko Bettini / Rider: Zara

There are two rear and two front LEDs that serve a purpose for others to see you. You will need a headlight for this scooter if you are driving at night. 

The battery design, connectors, T6061 aluminum used for the frame, and the IP54 rating tell us that this is no average scooter when it comes to assembly and manufacturing. 

You can choose the battery you feel suits your trips the best: 48V 13 Ah, 48V 16 Ah, 48V 21 Ah. These scooters are new and came to the market just a few months ago, so you can check the prices in your region for these scooters by visiting the HERO RIDER distributor’s page. Their page is missing Elektro Pogon  – Croatian distributor.

The prices should be between 1000 – 1500 USD, and in Europe from 1000-1500 Euro. 

We will talk more about specific Hero rider models in the future, but for now, check out the Youtube video if you did not already and the technical specs :  

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