Lurking around the entries of Create The Future Design Contest by TechBriefs, we stumbled upon MANT-A electric skateboard-scooter-thingy.

MANT-A is a personal vehicle assisted with an electric motor that offers users a unique driving experience; using a 2 wheeled mueling system on the front, MANT-A allows users to rotate using their own weight to balance the board in the direction they wish to follow


We love the idea, so check out what the designers and engineers had to say about it after you watch the video.

MANT-A Youtube Video


The way MANT-A is built is as straight forward as it gets; first the aluminum tubes that act as the general structure of the scooter, are bent to form, cut and welded to build the frame, then supports for the handlebars are welded to the frame, the handlebars are bent, cut and welded as well. The platforms are made from carbon fiber and are screwed into place, the wheels, lights, rotation system and controls are secured into place, and lastly, the battery is put into place and supported by security belts, though for future prototypes we mean to integrate the spot for the battery that is integrated into the scooter.

MANT-A Specifications:

manta electric personal vehicle

Autonomy: 40 km
Maximum speed provided by the motor: 20 km/hr
Measurements: 1.10 meters length x .65 meters width x 1.20 meters height

MANT-A was built, designed and engineered by these fine gentlemen:

Ander Diazgoñi Proal
Jacobo Podlipsky Sánchez

Check out more information on the original entrie source and other cool projects at TechBriefs

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