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MECH RACING SPORT in partnership with Furrion and Prosthesis



A new electric vehicle MECH RACING sport to be formed in partnership of Prosthesis and Furrion

Prosthesis is the flagship machine
Prosthesis flagship machine

You have all seen Robot movies like THE TRANSFORMERS, or AVATAR movie featuring Human controlled Robots. Well, this thing is now a reality! And new sport is called MECH RACING thanks to Furrion


Prosthesis is the flagship machine in the inception of an entirely new human experience – mech racing.

This new sport will pit pilot against pilot in massive, agile, high-powered, all electric, off-road running machines. These “racing mechs” will have no autonomy or gyro-stabilization. They will rely entirely on the skill and training of the pilots inside them to move. This vision is the culmination of more than a decade of work by creator Jonathan Tippett and his huge team of volunteers at the eatART Foundation.With extensive support from academic partners like The University of British Columbia and countless industry supporters, Tippett and his team were finally able to complete Prosthesis in partnership with Furrion, a global technology leader in early 2017. This partnership has lead to the formation of Furrion Robotics, which will continue to develop the technology and build the new sport of mech racing.
All of this started only as a reasearch projects at eatART

eatART (Energy Awareness Through ART) fosters art research with a focus on large-scale, technically sophisticated art by supporting both independent and internal art projects.  We use art to educate people about the role energy plays in our lives and to raise questions about the social and environmental impact of energy use.

Before Furrion stepped in this vehicles were only a part of Mechanical Art Scene


Prosthesis is an independent art project by Jonathan Tippett, co-creator of The Mondo Spider. It is a 5m tall, 3000kg, four-legged wearable walking machine, powered by a cutting edge, modular, expandable hybrid-electric power plant. Prosthesis uses this power to amplify the pilots movements through a full body, on-board exo-skeletal interface.

The machine has no computerized control system or giros and is entirely dependent on the skill of the pilot to operate properly.  The pilot’s skill and the configuration of the power system all contribute to the machines overall efficiency. This relationship reminds us, in very immediate way, how our use of technology can convert small acts in to movements of great consequence.

The first stage of the project is “The Alpha Leg“, which is a 2:3 scale prototype leg which is being used for engineering development and pilot training.  It has be constructed by the team and will be developed until it reaches a performance level suitable to scale up to the full machine.

Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot website

Facebook Fan Page


The Mondo Spider is a 1600 lb, 8 legged walking machine originally built by a Vancouver-based team of artists and engineers in 2006.

In 2009 the Mondo Spider was commissioned by CODE Live as part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games to switch to electrical energy. This upgrade enabled the Mondo Spider to operate relatively silently, charge from solar power,  and perform indoors with no emissions. In terms of it’s operation, it is the world’s first zero-emission walking vehicle.For news, information and future developments go to Prosthesis MECH RACING SITE

Also check Furrion website for more details

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