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Not your usual hoverboard or electric skateboard

Not your usual electric hoverboard or electric skateboard

Since most inovations this year were made in electric skateboards and hooverboards; not like last years that were more dedicated to Ebikes, we want to share an 2010 crazy balance vehicle developed by a Robot Designer.


The MTM06 land crawler extreme is the invention of a japanese robotics designer, who made the small moving robot for his 2 year old son.12 legged design came about because his son ask him to build a robot he could stand on. The bug-like motion of the robot is based on the work of kinetic artist Theo Jansen, who has even ridden on the device himself. The robot can support 360 kg but is only able to walk with 90kg, enough for an average person. the device is controlled by a wired remote control and weight sensor using a 7.2v Ni-H battery. it can move for 45minutes on a single charge.

It even has a suspension system as u can see on picture bellow

video of working proto :


Same guy made this engineering craziness :


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