The EAGLE ONE maker VARLA has made a new unique e-scooter for city commuting with more focus on lower speed and larger e-scoot market. Pegasus introductory price is $1,099.00 and the price in the future is going to be 200 dollars more expensive. 

Jimmy Chang YouTube channel just reviewed the Pegasus scooter so check it out!

This is what Varla Scooters have to say about Pegasus:

Varla Pegasus electric scooter  has everything you need for a long-range, heavy-duty scooter and will become your new favorite mode of transportation. The Pegasus has a beautiful sleek design and ready to be your new commuter scooter! Let’s take a look at the specs:

  • Motor: Your Pegasus is equipped with 2 x 500-watt motors to give you the power and range to manage your commute efficiently.
  • Suspension: With dual spring suspensions, your scooter will absorb all the bumps on the road for a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.
  • Tires: Reliable 3.5 inch puncture-proof solid tires for leisure riding and commuting.
  • Range: You get 28 miles of smooth riding. Get where you need to be with a long-range.
  • Payload capacity: The Pegasus is perfect for heavy adults, and riders who weigh under 280 lbs will enjoy this commuter scooter.
  • Brakes: There are dual disc brakes for optimum safety.
  • Battery: 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery for a long-range and fast charge.

The Varla Pegasus is the ultimate commuter e-scooter, and you can ride comfortably through your neighborhood and city streets. You can park your scooter almost anywhere or fold it and carry it. Riding has never been easier. Start the e-scooter and use the thumb throttle to accelerate. With a wide deck and trendy design, your Pegasus will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Your commuting electric scooter must come with excellent lighting to keep you safe while riding at night. All road users must be able to see you at night with ease. The Pegasus has a headlight and taillight to ensure everyone can see you no matter the time of day.

The easy-to-read LED screen displays all the essentials. Your battery power, speed, and range will keep you informed while riding. Never worry about how much battery life you have left with a smart LED screen. Don’t forget about the integrated kickstand!

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