PODBIKE is a cool human powered vehicle with electric assist

human powered vehicle with electric assist

Podbike: Futureproof transportation. Four wheel electrical bike

Have a look at our updated video. Podbike: futureproof transportation. Now with reverse pedalling and effortless parking. Enjoy and please share!

Posted by Podbike on 22. svibnja 2017

Traditional bicycles have been available for over a hundred years but lack weather protection and high-speed capability and offer zero crash protection. Electric assisted bicycles, or pedelecs, remove the burden from pedaling up steep hills or in a strong headwind. But they do not remedy the problem of lack of weather protection, nor do they offer any crash protection.

Posted by Podbike on 3. rujna 2017

Streamlined velomobiles, cycles with a streamlined body, are much faster, have at least some weather and crash protection but lack the ‘creature comfort’ modern car offers.
The PODBIKE® is a new electric-assisted velomobile constructed within a sustainable envelope

Who is Podbike?

PODBIKE® is a human-powered vehicle with electric assist, an e-bike with four wheels, providing weather protection and seats one adult plus a child inside a filtered air cabin. PODBIKE® will be made from easily reusable materials that together with high efficiency results in personal transport with minimum environmental impact.
PODBIKE® to be launched in Norway late 2018/ early 2019 followed by EU/EEA from 2019/ 20.

The first prototype PODBIKE® (from a test series) will be launched during Q1/2018.

The estimated sales price for a PODBIKE® basic model delivered in Norway: NOK 50.000,- (incl. VAT/ local sales tax).

For EU/EEA: Euro 4500,- plus local sales tax and shipment costs.

Optional equipment at extra cost (complete list of possible optional equipment will be published during 2018)


The 0-series:

Posted by Podbike on 26. siječnja 2018

The product development of Podbike® has been ongoing since 2010, and from 2013 developed through the company Elpedal AS in Sandnes/ Norway.
Founder and product developer is Per Hassel Sørensen who has worked professionally as a product developer for many years and has granted more than 10 patents in mechanical and electronics.
Per Hassel helds a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology from the University of Stavanger, Norway.

Posted by Podbike on 27. rujna 2017

The company Podbike AS was established January 2016 and are currently building the two first prototypes at Creator Makerspace at Forus/ Stavanger/ Norway.

podbike velomobile electric

Wanna know more, check Podbike electric assist website here

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