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Self-balancing hands-free wheelchair by Ogo Technology

Finally, an electric wheelchair ( driven by electric unicycle, electric hoverboard technology Segway tech ) that is bound to make a difference for people with disabilities. Do anything and go anywhere with this chair. Just look at the off-road video below:

Ogo Tennis match… the challenge has been laid. #grablifebythewheels #ogotechnology

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If the rider leans forward, the chair moves forward. When they lean back, the wheelchair goes backward. Operation of this wheelchair is similar to electric unicycle with added side to side controls that are more often seen at popular self-balance hoverboards that kids use. The only difference is that the seat leaning controls side to side movement.

Very cool electric Wheelchair Specifications:

Lines that follow are taken from Ogo Technology website. Not because we are lazy to write an article, but because we cant say it better that the company itself


Unique features

  • Three steering options – Hands free, handgrip or joystick. The joystick and other controls can be positioned on the left or right side of the body.

What Aurélie can do in 5 minutes #wheelchair #nobarriersusa

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  • Automatic self leveling feet, for ease and safety of transfer.
  • Easy clean impact resistant hi-density polyethylene body
  • Built in front and rear lights and reflectors.
  • Storage compartment
  • Easy transferring to get on and off.  No bulky, dangerous central steering column
  • Foldaway footrest with a choice of height adjustments
  • Adjustable seat height and positioning
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Multi functional holder for accessories (for example, cup holder, fishing rods, umbrellas, tray, smartphone/tablet holder), positioned on the opposite side to the controls.
  • Weather resistant – not submersible though!

The Ogo rolled into Charleston! #nobarriersusa #grablifebythewheels #wheelchairlife

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Ogo Specifications

  • Length with footrest up – 770 mm / 30.3 inches
  • Height with backrest on – 1000 mm / 39.4 inches
  • Height with backrest off – 610 mm / 24 inches
  • Width – 630 mm / 25.2 inches. All terrain kit – 830 mm / 32.7 inches
  • Battery x 2 – Lithium Ion
  • Battery x 2 weight – 11kg / 24 lbs
  • Travel distance – Up to 38 km / 24.8 miles on a single charge.
  • Weight – 65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Speed – 20 kph / 12 mph
  • Gradient – Provided sufficient traction 20°-25° incline up, and about 30° incline down

The Seat

The most defining feature of the Ogo is the patented dynamic seat steering control system. 

With its amazing functionality, intuitiveness and benefits described above, your body becomes the joystick. Your eyes become the will to motivate it.

Another great feature is the seat pan, the seat position options and the back rest. “They’re perfect, leave them as they are” says one leading seating specialist.

At least 90% of the hundreds of trialists from around the world have remarked at how comfortable the seat is. They say it is more comfortable than the one they had customised for themselves, or presently use. They are not experiencing the pressure points because their weight is on the outer thigh bone and they are constantly moving their weight to operate the seat.

However we do know that the right seat is critical for comfort and function. Some folks are taller, some shorter, some heavier and lighter. Folks will want to try it out for themselves – that’s understandable, and some will want it adjusted. So, we are asking for your weight and height (this will give us a lead on the leg measurements) in the Order Form.

Out and about, made easier with ogo!

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Here’s a bit about the seat for when considering height and weight…


  • The seat height is adjustable from 50 cm to 56 cm (20 to 22 inches)
  • The footrest has 2 height positions, 5 cm or 2 inches apart.
  • There will be 3 seat length options to suit height / thigh bone length.
  • The seat position can also be adjusted forward or back at 4 screw points in the seat pan

Cushion and cushion cover

  • The cushion filling is hi tech gel
  • Users can remove / replace with their own, e.g. Roho
  • The removable seat cover is vinyl – which means users can easily wash and transfer
  • There is an accessory option of a rubberised breathable compound. This compound doesn’t get so hot, but is more apt to “stick” on transfer.

For more information and people behind this great product, please check out Ogo website

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