The Benefits of Using an Ebike for Hunting

Are you an avid hunter that is always looking for ways to make your day out in the wilderness better?  If so, then you just might want to consider purchasing an electric hunting bike.  No matter what type of hunting you enjoy, an ebike can enhance your experience.  Today, we are going to learn about the many benefits that ebikes can provide, and we will also take a look at a few models that are perfect for the sport of hunting.


You Can Make Stealthy Moves


Getting to your hunting positions without being noticed is one of the challenges of the sport.  Moving into your duck blind or deer stand without making a lot of noise is highly important.  While walking to your destination is a great option, carrying all your gear along can really be difficult.  Some hunters choose to use ATV’s for this job, but they can be noisy and scare off game.  A great alternative to this issue is to use an electric hunting bike.  Ebikes are very quiet and they can carry you to your location in virtual silence.  In fact, riding an ebike will even make less noise than walking!

They Make Recovering Game Super Easy


Once you have bagged a nice buck or other game, you will need to bring it out of the woods.  Trying to carry a heavy deer carcass out by hand can really be a difficult task.  It can be bad for your back and even dangerous if you are not extremely careful.  Instead of doing this job by hand, you can easily pull along your game using an ebike.  An ebike cargo trailer will allow you to easily load your game and bring it back home for processing.  This takes a lot of the load off of you, the hunter!  Even larger game that would normally require two people to carry out of the woods can be quickly moved by just one hunter.  So if you want to make your next hunting trip easier, then you just might want to consider purchasing a mountain electric hunting bike.


You Can Carry Lots of Gear


Depending on the type of hunting you are taking part in, you just might need a lot of gear.  If you are hunting in a remote area, you will need enough supplies to sustain you and keep you safe while out on the trail.  Not only will you need to bring enough food and water for several days, you need to pack some type of shelter and of course all your hunting gear.  Having an electric hunting bike with a saddle bag will allow you to carry your gear and extend your time out in the wilderness. Saddle bags combined with handlebar bags and a pannier rack will give you ample storage space for all your gear. Many of these ebike models have a load capacity of up to 300 pounds or more.  This will give you a greater chance of bagging that trophy animal you have always dreamed of.

They Handle Difficult Terrain with Ease


Many of the places that we travel for the sport of hunting are in remote locations.  Many of these destinations have rough terrain that is difficult to traverse and can limit your ability to hunt in these areas.  If you would like to dive deeper into the wilderness and go where the game is, then you should think about getting a mountain ebike.  These rugged ebikes can handle difficult terrain without slowing you down.  You will be able to go down extensive trails that you never thought possible.  As you probably already know, the greater your ability to access remote areas, the better your chances of finding game.

They Are Easy to Handle


Because these mountain ebikes are so lightweight, they are easy to handle and can be carried just about anywhere.  Not only are they lightweight, but they are also easy to store.  So if you are traveling a long distance for your next hunt, you can bring along your mountain ebike without any issue.  Many of the ebikes can even be carried with you on a plane.  To bring your ebike along with you on your next long-distance trip, all you need to do is have it checked with your airline and retrieve it once you have landed at your destination. A small additional fee may be needed but it will be money well spent. This is very convenient, and you will be able to enjoy your ebike even if you are thousands of miles away from home.



One of The Best Electric Hunting Bike Brands for Hunting


As you probably already know, there are a lot of electric bikes on the market today.  While many of them are great for handling difficult terrain and some of those can even be used for hunting, there is one brand that stands out from the rest.  BackCountry eBikes is gaining popularity among the hunting community that have already embraced electric bikes for hunting.  Their most popular ebike is the MULE.  The Mule comes in both 750 watt and 1000 watt motors is built with the best Bafang on the market, the Ultra Mid Drive motor, built for performing well in tough terrain and great on steep hills.  The Mule actually featured in another blog post as the stand out winner of all the top electric hunting bikes where I briefly highlighted around 20 or so other top performing ebikes.  If you want to see that full post to go through the list of ebikes you can do so and read the full article here.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you should consider using an ebike while hunting.  No matter what type of hunting you enjoy, an ebike can help you gain access to better locations and you will have plenty of room to store your gear.  Not only are these ebikes easy to operate, they are lightweight and won’t slow you down.  So if you want to improve your hunting experience, you should really consider checking out a few of these models.

Any hunters out there want to add any other advantages to this rundown?  leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.

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