The Day 6 Behemoth is a Beast

Steve here again with Really Good Ebikes. Ok guys and gals, I know that I was brave in presenting the Trikke Defender and Pon-e carving scooters in my last post, even going as far as to pull out an old photo of Jennifer Aniston holding her very own Trikke Scooter.

So now I’m going to push the envelope a little bit further, and suggest you take a serious look at the Day 6 Behemoth, a fat tire, semi-recumbent, ergonomic electric comfort bike like no other. It begins shipping in late April, 2018, and we are already seeing some customer interest in pre-orders.

If you’re not familiar with the Day 6 brand, it was started by Kelly Hutson in Southwest Iowa, as a way of dealing with his own inability to ride a bike after back injury. This prevented him not only from riding an enjoying a bike for himself, but also going on rides with his four kids. So Kelly spent a few years designing an entirely new bike frame, which allows riders to sit upright, with extended handlebars, a forward crankset, a wide saddle and backrest. 

To understand what a game-changer this bike is, just take a few minutes to listen to superfan and NBA champion Rick Mahorn.

The Behemoth is outfitted with a 1000W E-RAD mid-drive motor, which is quiet, compact and has the power climb hills and plow through headwinds, especially since it’s paired with an e-RAD 48V lithium battery, and your choice of 14.5Ah or 17.5Ah capacities. We always recommend the larger battery, since it will extend your range significantly.And when it comes to stopping, you will have confidence every time you pull the brake levels, engaging the Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes. With 180mm rotors front and rear, the stopping power of the Behemoth is authoritative. The brakes are equipped with automatic motor cutoffs, so whenever you engage the brakes, power to the motor is cut off.

You can get the full list of specification at Really Good Ebikes. Personally, I can’t wait to get a chance and ride the Behemoth. I think this would be great for modest trail riding, and definitely a game-changer for relaxed beach cruising.

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