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TNE 60V FLASH SILVER Electric Scooter with Insane Torque!


The new insanely fun electric scooter is coming to the market in a flash at the end of 2021! 

The TNE Silver Flash 60V is a new swifty kid on the block with dual 1200W ( 2400W peak each ) motors. EvNerds had the honor to be the first International media to review it.

We tried to demonstrate how cool Flash Silver looks and performs in our YouTube video here ( please leave a comment )

TNE SILVER FLASH outperforms many high-powered scooters on the market & brings some new useful features like the removable battery, and that really means a lot when you are about to store an electric scooter somewhere safe, but the wall socket inlet is on Mars when you need it.

Picture by EvNerds

Can SILVER FLASH compete with Nami Burn-E or Vsett 11+? YES AND NO 

SILVER FLASH’s biggest achievement is in ride quality and acceleration that matches the performance of many higher-powered scooters up to 60 Km/h!

Picture by EvNerds

After 60 Km/h, the KILOWATTS come into play and it takes a longer time for SILVER FLASH to match those higher super-powered competitor numbers.

But then again, how long do you drive above 60 Km/h? It ain’t slow after reaching 60 Km/h, but it ain’t a blast like the acceleration that we feel towards 60 Km/h.

To be perfectly honest, we did not test it above 72 Km/h ( see more on the video ). The front and rear spring suspension is real 120 Kg ready, not just at the paper. 

Leo from the Electric Dummies channel on YouTube is around 110 Kg and the suspension did not bottom down at all.

flash silver electric scooter in dark led lights
Picture by EvNerds

TNE made a scooter with blasting starting performance that equals the performance of famous Nami burn-E and Vsett 11+ in terms of how long does it take the scooter to jump to 50, or 60 Km/h! 


In our test, the performance was matched, but since we were unable to get Nami Viper electric scooter, we trust numbers from other sites. 

We hope to have these tests performed in the future, so take this comment with a grain of salt.

flash silver front wheel
Picture by EvNerds

While we expected fun and fast ride from this e-scooter, we did not expect the scooter’s body build quality to be outstanding.

flash silver 60v electric scooter
Picture by EvNerds

Features that we love about TNE FLASH SILVER 60V:

  • Removable battery
  • big screen
  • kick-ass acceleration
  • weights less than 11+ and Nami
  • motor sound on 11-inch dirt tires
  • key-lock
  • folding mechanism
  • color finish
  • hydraulic brakes
Picture by EvNerds

Features that we would change:

  • Throttle for thumb throttle
  • Possibility to adjust the angle of the screen on the handle-bar ( In our video review, Goran from the Electric Dummies channel on Youtube has a different opinion )
  • Screen response time
Picture by EvNerds

With so many state-of-the-art features, TNE proved that they can compete on the high-power e-scooter market and that they can bring a lot of innovation too into the e-scooter community! Flash Silver feels premium but it has reasonable pricing. 


We were informed that suggested retail prices will be: 2580$ for 60V 23,4 Ah battery version, 2680$ for 60V 26 Ah battery and 2880$ for 60V 40Ah!

Picture by EvNerds

One of the reasons for the lower price is the usage of Chinese automotive grade cells from DYNAVOLT and not LG or Samsung. There are a lot of companies switching to other 18650 cells because LGs are getting more pricey, and many of the Chinese lithium cell manufacturers have high-quality cells in production used for electric cars battery systems in China. We are looking forward to seeing more reviews on the Flash Silver e-scooter by other YouTubers because this scooter deserves all the attention it can get!

Check out TNE Scooters on their website ( still in the works ), YouTube and their Instagram channel!

This review would not be possible without our sponsor e-RIDES, TNE scooters, our Croatian friends at Electric Dummies channel ( Goran and Leo ), Pero ( Mr. P ) and Mateo! Thanks fo helping us out!

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