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Steve here again from Really Good Ebikes. I know EV Nerds like us like to showcase the latest and greatest in electric vehicles, and that’s awesome. But when a company has been around for nearly 20 years, continues to innovate, and sells the EVs worldwide, I think they deserve a shoutout as well.

Trikke: The Original 3-Wheel Personal Electric Carving Vehicle

Welcome to the world of Trikke (or welcome back as the case may be). For newbies or those in need of a refresher, Trikkes are stand-on personal vehicles (conventional and electric) with a platform for each foot, grips for each hand, and a cambering mechanism connecting a flexible frame with 3 wheels.

Trikke was founded in 2000 by inventor/designer/visionary Gildo Beleski to develop, build and market vehicles based on the unique cambering mechanism. The resulting vehicles are powered by the human body, by electric power and by gravity.

This innovative design allows the rider to propel themselves using a carving motion, where the full body is engaged in a dynamic ride. Add to this a powerful 350W nominal (700W peak) front-wheel hub motor and a 48V/11.25Ah Panasonic lithium battery pack, and your on- and off-road adventures will reach new heights of excitement.

The design provides a stable 3-point platform that lets riders lean into the turns while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground. This results in great cornering ability, maneuverability, reaction time, higher speed cornering and quicker direction changes (swerving).

Trikke Professional Tactical Mobility Applications

Trikke makes tactical mobility vehicles engineered for police departments, colleges and universities, the federal and state governments, hotels, malls, airports, ports, and private security companies. Really Good Ebikes only sell the personal models of the Trikke; for professional applications, we recommend you talk with Marney at Trikke Professional Mobility. Trikke works closely with members of Law Enforcement and Security communities on all aspects of vehicle development, as specified for various security requirements.


The Trikke Defender deploys a professional grade heavy duty and rugged construction, aircraft grade aluminum frame and parts. Full suspension with air shocks, wide stepping decks, all-wheel-drive, long range swappable lithium battery, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and complete lighting system.

It will carry up to 300 lbs. of payload at speeds up to 28 mph. Foldable for easy transport at 85 lbs total weight. Heralded for their stability, ease of use, portability, low maintenance and great value, Trikke patrol vehicles are rapidly becoming the best choice for community policing and campus/facility security.

Some of the tactical benefits of Trikke in professional applications include improving response times and increasing officer presence, thereby expanding the reach of your force without having to hire new employees.You can also expanding accessibility, since Trikkes have the ability to get through doors, ride on escalators and elevators, and fold-up for easy transport.Trikkes for Everyone

There are non-electric Trikkes for kids and adults, but we want to focus on the top-of-the-line personal electric Trikke – the Trikke Pon-e 48V Sports Edition. This awesome vehicle is so much fun to ride, you may need a spare battery to keep up with your riding.

The Pon-e 48V Sports Edition has a foldable, relatively lightweight (54 lbs.) frame built with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, with fully adjustable handlebars, dual disc brakes with parking lock, and aluminum rims with ABEC 5 sealed bearings. The aerodynamic fairing will cut a path through any headwind, is UV resistant and made with impact absorbing ABS plastic.

The Pon-e features a 350W nominal (700W peak) brushless front hub motor and 48V/11.25Ah Panasonic battery pack, which can reach a maximum motor-only speed of 16 mph (25 km/h). Under normal riding conditions it has about a 25 mile range, and the battery can be fully recharged in about 5 hours. Riders should be 5’-0” to 6’-3” in height, weighing no more than 250 lbs with payload. The Sports Edition includes a double LED headlight with 3 power levels; a rear LED light; LCD display panel (odo, speed, battery, etc.); rear view mirrors; front disc brake; kickstand; and a horn.

When I first started carrying the Pon-E 48, we had a chance to test ride it at the Trikke headquarters in Buellton, CA. I was very impressed. It only took about 10 minutes to feel confident in my carving abilities, and I was able to combine human power and electric power in a very natural and seamless way. And we we took the Pon-e 48 off-road, I felt more stoke than I have in a really long time.

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