DIY Li-ion battery building for making homemade high power packs

Vruzend has unveiled the newest update to to their DIY battery building kit lineup: the V2 battery building kit. Based on the same type of battery connector as their previous version, the upgraded V2 kit uses copper based conductors to allow for higher current – up to 20 A per cell. This opens the door to high powered 18650 battery packs for devices like ebikes, skateboards and electric motorcycles.

The V2 battery building kits have been debuted on Kickstarter, where a single kit costs $27 plus shipping, and has enough components for 30 cells, bringing the price per kit to around $1/cell. The kit works by joining cells together using a combination of plastic battery cap holders and metal connecting busbars.

The contents of the kit include the battery caps with integrated copper alloy spring contacts and threaded posts, as well as copper bus bars coated with nickel to prevent corrosion.

A number of early prototype kits were already sent out to beta testers, resulting in some impressive packs and creations. Users have already started building electric skateboard and electric motorcycle batteries using the new V2 kits.

If you’d like to check out the V2 kits yourselves, you can still get in on the discounted pricing on Kickstarter here, or on after the Kickstarter period ends.

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