AVIONICS V1 is the most uncompromising e-bike EVER!

The quintessence of the retro-future machine. The first glance brings to mind the past days of the 30s and 40s. In those times things were designed to be beautiful, functional and everlasting. This idea inspired us through all stages of design.You’ll feel motorcycle sensibilities without a license or registration.

Where does the name come from?

It came from our fascination with aviation,  transportation and the need for speed. We wanted to create a beautiful object. An object that would bring happiness, look incredible and be powerful.

Metal, wood and leather

You can search for plastic, rubber or cables in our model, but we can tell you now – you won’t succeed. AVIONICS is a pure form, designed to merge contrasts. Wood with steel, smooth lines with sporty character, wildness with nobility. The harmonic combination of a steel frame with a wooden saddle, box and light represents both power and purity and Spartan exclusivity.
Spartan because of its simplicity and reliability.
Exclusive because you feel special when you use it

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