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Bobsla – new way of E-motion on snow

We invented, built and started deliveries of new way of e-motion on Snow – EV Bobsla.

Our patented steering makes driving more fun with less resources.

The weight of EV is a way less than any other snowmobiles. Because you are sitting almost on snow – you perceive speed a way faster than it is.

Amazing drift and sharp feeling of speed makes a lot of fun even on small snow surface – the place like 30*100 meters enough to run 4-6 vehicles.

80% of guests learn Bobsla riding in less than a minute. With a lot of saftey features Bobsla are ready for races – even between people without any experience.

We produce Bobsla in Tyrol, Austria.  We deliver Bobsla to snow resorts and hotels to make entertaiment similar to go-kart but on snow without noise and pollution. In near future we will launch e-snowmobile for individual purposes. Video-interview of our first customer says more than any words – Bobsla in Gurgl (German).

In ski resort 4-6 Bobslas are runing on small space for a ticket with price similar to price of regular go-kart fun. It allows resort to repay purchase of machines just in 1-2 winter seasons. And the most important is people love runing Bobsla!

Next winter we will enjoy you in Finland, Switzerland, and in Italy and Norway we hope. Whether you have space on snow – contact us to order your entertainment.

Whether you want your own Bobsla – wait a bit we will make Machine for individual purposes soon! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or proposals.

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Written by Sergey Ignatyev

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