Oldest Car Ever Converted to Electric Power

Shockwave Motors, Inc.™ has completed the conversion of the oldest gasoline powered car to electric power. The vehicle started out life as a 1914 Model T Hack and was originally used to transport people from a train station to hotels. The Model T’s original 20 horsepower gasoline engine and transmission failed many years ago, so the new owners, Mike and Pat Heaney of Virginia, wanted to have the Model T converted to electric power. Mike uses the Model T at local events and wanted to ensure that it would still look and sound the same. So a speaker was mounted under the hood to play the classic sounds of an old Model T.

The Shockwave Motors Team, which created the Defiant EV3 All-electric Roadster™, was brought on board to create the drive system design, engineering, and fabrication. The heart of the propulsion system is an Alternating Current (AC) motor operating on a 72-volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate, prismatic, battery system. The motor can produce more than 30 horsepower and the instantaneous torque provides brisk acceleration. The top speed is about 50 miles per hour.

Since Model T was kept as original as possible, it still has the 1914 wooden spoke wheels and narrow tires. It has a cable braking system for the rear wheels and no brakes on the front wheels. Hydraulic brakes were not even invented until around 1918 and it was 1921 before they were installed on cars!

it’s never too late to go electric!

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Written by John McMillian

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