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Electric MOTOPED project by Gary Krysztopik

written by Gary from Zwheelz

This project is intended to be one of many open source electric vehicle designs that are easy to build, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade. I call them EZ-EV’s. The original project is a kit car that is still in progress.

kit car
kit car


EZ MC new tires


This started with the Kickstarter campaign for the Motoped in 2013. At that time there was a new category popping up – the Lightweight Electric Motorcycle (LEM). These bikes were a cross between bicycle and motorcycle, just right for running around town and for easy commutes. I was saving my old Honda CR250 motocross bike for a conversion because it was strong and light. However, I wanted something that could be reproduced by anyone around the world, based on something that could be bought new and was readily available. The Motoped seemed like a good fit.
This is not supposed to be the cheapest, fastest, best looking or best range bike. It is only supposed to be easy to design and easy for others to build.


My goal is to use 3D printers and CNC machines that can also be open source because they are relatively cheap and sophisticated. Once the design is complete, others can buy or build the machines and download files to make the parts with no skills or experience and very little investment. I don’t want to build these for other people, I want to help other people build these for other people.

Tires came in, wheels are being built. All low voltage wiring is done, just needs battery and motor cables. Spose I should set a goal to test by end of year.

Posted by Electric Motopeds on 29. prosinca 2017

This first version of the first vehicle uses a manufactured chassis, but the goal is to develop chassis that can be built on the CNC machines. I had a shop and loved TIG welding so a welded tube chassis would be great but that is a skill that needs to be learned. These machines make perfect parts that are identical all around the world. That means people can do rapid prototyping to develop vehicles, then switch to low volume manufacturing on the same machines. And their parts fit on everybody else vehicles because they are computer designed and machine cut. This is local micro manufacturing or distributed manufacturing. Similar to the way we are transitioning to distributed energy versus centralized energy, every city and town around the world can have a local entrepreneur that builds EV’s.

CAD is a lot like writing software. There is basic coding, advanced coding and architecture design. Regardless, it…

Posted by Electric Motopeds on 26. listopada 2017

In one way, the CNC router seems very limited because it only cuts parts from flat sheet material. But this is not necessarily a limitation, it is just a different way to design. This Electric Motoped kit is basically two flat sheets of aluminum that bolt to the stock frame to hold the motor, controller, and battery. There are smaller aluminum pieces to box it out, and plastic pieces too but the machine does all the work and it all bolts together very easily.

This is written by Gary, Evnerds just published this article in authors name. We will publish OPEN SOURCE design as soon as Gary finishes his documentation


Weight (lbs) Complete Bike 160 lbs

Chassis Motoped $1999

Motor Agni 95R $1300 weight: 25 lbs power: 10kw/20kw

Controller Kelly KD72601

Battery Enerdel $800 weight: 35 lbs battery: 44v/33ah

Tires Shinko

Rims Holmes MMP 19”

Lights Acerbes

Instrumentation Grin CycleAnalist

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Steven Augustine electric motoped with MXUS 3k hub motor

Posted by Steven Augustine on 9. veljače 2018

Steven also uses ferrofluid and hubsinks to take all of the juice out of the motor

Posted by Steven Augustine on 10. veljače 2018

Bruce Lindholm fine electric motoped with HPM motors from Goldenmotor

Posted by Bruce Lindholm on 10. veljače 2018

Posted by Bruce Lindholm on 10. veljače 2018

David Foy electric Motoped

Posted by David Foy on 29. listopada 2016

In our next article, we will go further into all DIY motoped makers and companies

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