Enduro Electro Motocycle concept from Furor Bikes Team

FUROR BIKES team is here to show you the latest electric motorcycle concept.

Our workshop is located in Kiev (Ukraine). For almost three years we have been working on electric vehicle transport with unique, custom properties.

different electric motorcycle concepts

Usually, we take customers pictures or sketches and then we make the 3d model and all the necessary calculations with the help of engineering programs.

3d electric motorcycle

We also work on our own projects. This is our last concept bike:

electric motorcycle concept

The concept bike is similar to the classic cross-endurance motorcycle. A frame of this type is the most versatile and perfect solution.

electric motorcycle frame

On the basis of our frame one can make different electric motorcycles for off-road, street motorcycle for every day, or even high speed e-motorcycle!

The frame is made out of steel. Steel ensures low cost and ease of production, a large of reliability, endless possibilities for customization:

-Fits various power motors (mid-motors, wheel motors)

-Large capacity for different sizes of lithium batteries

-Modularity: Use any suspension (motorcycle, bicycle, with progression)

-Design: change the looks by changing the plastic covers

We plan to install a mid-motor of the 3 kW nominal power. The customer has an opportunity to increase the power up to 10kW. To make this possible, we have made a unique universal mount. Now you can install any motor yourself. This doesn’t require a specialized workshop. It is enough to install the necessary adapter exactly under your motor with mounting points.

Therefore, the maximum speed will be in the range of 50 km / h to 110 km / h, and the acceleration to the maximum speed will vary from 3 s to 15 s.

The bike has a lithium-ion battery: 72v and 40 ah. With this battery, you will have 2 hours of fun. And the ability to replace the battery will allow you to extend the time. With high quality motorcycle components, total weight should not exceed 55 kg.

The cost of the bike with such features will be $ 2850

We are ready to accept orders for such motorcycles and we will be glad to answer all the questions.

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We really want to implement this project in practice. Therefore, we are looking for those who also share our opinion. We…

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