ROCSIE: the Wooden eMotorbike Cafe Racer will be out!

Inspired from the classic ’50s motorcycles “Cafe Racers”, our ROCSIE is “a-state-of-the-art” vehicle. Its elegant design is based in the use of noble materials: wood, leather and metal. This electric motorbike will give a point of reference in your lifestyle.

With the “quality vs quantity” motto, UNPLUGGED DESIGN STUDIO (Barcelona, based) create the ROCSIE Wooden eMotorbike Cafe Racer, as the result of a evolution process, where the classic spirit is mixed with high tech components in an contemporary style; taking it to the final prototype stage, that is ready to begin the local handcrafted line of production; with focus to cover the worldwide demanding electric vehicles market.

Made by visionary professionals from different fields, the ROCSIE team is driven by passionate people,from design to film industry, vehicle engineering and prototype experts.

ROCSIE: back to basics? yeah, is sweet!

[ Technical Specifications ]

Riding this eMotorbike it will make you feel back to basics, where the sensation is just the air of the speed facing you. This sensation is made by an electric motor of 1000w of power, a lithium battery ready for 50Km of duration and the speed up to 30 kilometer per hour on flat ground and up to 80 kilometer per hour in downhill. You can Recharge from any domestic plug your empty battery to full level in 6hrs approx. Its high-end components achieving an optimum quality performance, durability and comfort. The laminated wooden frame can be set in 4 different colors to choose your own CUSTOM model and get a personalized style. With an inverted front suspension, 4-piston brakes with titanium disc and 203mm rotor, Dunlop Vintage tires (several styles to choose from), ergonomic hand-finished and leather saddle, front and rear light system. It can also include remote control to lock and turn on.

Can we get one? yeah! and where?

Exactly, if you feel like you are the type of rider that wants to get some really fresh eMotorbike, with a modest cost; then we are launching our crowdfunding campaign via: INDIEGOGO by January 26th, 2018. This is your opportunitty to get the first ROCSIEs before it hits the markets!! one huge advantage? you can SAVE up to 50% final retail price. So, get ready, create your INDIEGOGO profile and stay tunned for the launching:


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