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Speed Demon: SUZUKI GSX-R e800 K2 electric motorcycle

Andre Sander electric motorcycle SPEED DEMON

My name is Andre, at the moment I am 45 years “old”, living in Bavaria, Germany. I have two nice kids and a wonderful woman who is accepting more or less the things I do ;-).

I started my first electrical project in spring 2016 to build a 6/10kW Cromotr V2 into my self-designed cruiser bicycle.


 I used an Kelly KHB14401 controller and Turnigy Heavy Duty lipo´s.

electric motorcycle diy

And then it came to the point to test this ev on 1/4 mile event

andre sander on speed demon electric motorcycle

electric motorcycle reacing

So I was very happy with this result! Not the best time and speed. But I think absolutely ok for this 70kg vehicle with big tires. So during this event, I found out that there will be a company who manufacture a 14/34kW hub motor. Therefore I got in contact and ordered one of the first hub motors, getting him in August 2016.

electric motorcycle hub motor
Andre and his new electric motorcycle hub motor

As you could see I already prepared my bicycle with an additional windshield and I also updated the battery box to get in 175VDC, 10Ah. But at least I destroyed the little Cromotor V2 on a little sports airplane field next to my hometown via 400A … Well, the manufacturer said 150A to 200A are ok but 400A …

And now I come more or less to the headline. I want to implement the new powerful hub motor to a new bicycle frame. I found a manufacturer who wants to help with this project. I checked out the frames he already did and create out of all of them my new frame design. This was already in spring 2016 a concipated for a manual drive, but easy to change to electrical drive!

electric motorcycle frame

So in August 2016, I got already my motor but not the frame :-(.

After 200 days of waiting, I changed back to plan B. I owned a gear defect GSX-R 1000 K2.

So I started to strip this bike and got it down from 191kg to 84kg.

electric motorcycle frame

Then I have to think about how to fix the hub motor with his 50mm axle to the GSX-R swing arm, measure the old position of the original wheel, made a sketch and let this adapter manufacture! At this point, I have to say that I like the style of drag racing motorcycle as you can see at my street legal motorcycle

As you can see after creating the new swingarm the GSXR-R 1000 K2 looks a little bit like my combustion bike

electirc motorcycle

In spring 2017 I made my first cruising test drive by using KHB14601 controller

kelly controller and new electric motorcycle

And then the problems began. At first 1/4 mile event, I lost complete power at 85 kph but got some nice pictures from the event

electric motorcycle speed

So I tried to find out what happened and changed the parameters of the controller. So at the next event in June 2017, I got my best test result with this 167kg motorcycle but in every run, I had problems with the controller. On the other hand, I knew a solution how to proceed with this issue by putting back the throttle switch for a short while and continue again with acceleration. I made 6 runs (best run: 14,468@157 kph)

electric drag rasing

I talked with Fany from Kelly controls and the problems seem to be the capacitors inside this old KHB model. I got a KLS14401 controller to check that this controller will work better than the old one and it did. So I reached without any problems 200,49 kph at the airport@ 740m distance.

But the acceleration is absolute to slow with only 400A! Therefore I ordered now Emsiso EmDrive 500 (500/800A, 125V DC). So I know that I will not reach the top speed again because it´s only working at 125 VDC and my motor is 1740 turns 144V motor so Kv=12,08. Well, I did this top speed run 175V DC. So I calculated before 241 kph no load with the 160/60-17 tire. But 200kph was the maximum, you see it at the table. This are the real load conditions.

So I made another run on 1/4 mile event and reach 172kph at 15,380 seconds.

At the moment I prepare the GSX-R again by changing the design a little bit via using some carbon parts to lower the weight because new Emsiso controller needs water cooling. And this is my actually status

new electric motorcycle drag racer

 I already did the AWG0 wiring and what you see above inside the picture is a carbon tank cover (self-made by a friend)

awg wires electric motorcycle

Story to be continued …

This article was not written by EvNerds. It was kindly published in the name of awesome engineer Andre Sander who will continue to send his work to us, so we can publish his articles!

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