Tremel Zimmner with Fastcharging option!

Some electric bikes are attention seekers by design and their classic looks. In this Category, our Tremel Zimmner fits perfectly.
Developed by the 23 years old German, Leon Tremel, the bike complies with all European regulations and gives his customer a range up to 75 km. To extend the range Tremel explained, it is possible to integrate more Battery-Packs and build on a Range-Extender based on Hydrogen, which developed published at a point of time in the future.

No, the Zimmner electric motorbike doesn´t have Pedals. For this point the bike would be a real e-bike, it cannot be compared with a pedelec or a Scooter. The top speed would is 45km/h (30 mph), so in Europe, it would be a classic specified Moped and in some states of US the classification would be, an electric Motorcycle.

With its own design character; the electric motorbike was found interesting to the DIY electric bike enthusiast over the world and at that point, the Zimmner got attention in the press all over the world. The bike is a fully functional prototype and the team of Tremel is testing intensively the bike to bring it on the market. The Production of the electric motorbike will start in spring 2020. For this Production, Tremel will start crowdfunding some days before Christmas. The Price of the bike would be around 5000 Euros and supporters will get some more chances for a discount.

One Hour Charging Time

The Motor in the rear wheel has a high torque of 65 Nm and a power of 3 kW. The electric motorbike is strong enough for climbing hills and accelerates quickly. The total weight is only 48 kg (95 lbs) together with a battery pack that is hidden in vintage “fuel tank” shell. The battery has a capacity of 1.6 kWh and could be charged at a normal household socket (230V) in 1 hour to 80% at the fast charging option. To save the capacity Tremel integrates an overnight charging, which would be healthier for the battery. Separate to this for long trips you can charge to 100% with only one push of a button.

The Crowdfunding Campaign will come online a few days before Christmas on IndieGoGo, for supporting the Company and bring the Tremel Zimmner to the roads of the world!

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