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Yamaha Nazo electric motorcycle(Electric Streetfighter)


Yamaha Nazo, meaning a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation presents a fresh electric competitor, in the streetfighter segment, exhibiting a nice combination of beauty, elegance, and sportiveness, using minimalistic design features, and intelligent system technologies.


Nazo by Yamaha features a simple and clean bike design, with a levitating seat effect, the concept bike is clean and classy however it is intended for a different approach, as it targets for a more aggressive and sinister touch to its design.

The electric motorcycle disposes of the main battery which is sustained in between the main body frame which acts as a connector for the upper and lower part of the body, giving it this way the levitating seat effect. The main inspiration for this concept was animal related, in this case, I wanted the bike to have a radical gesture and a strong attitude towards its design. Therefore the gorilla was chosen for my idea.

The amount of muscle and body posture analysis of the gorilla allowed me to visualize these kinds of heavy and strong volumes for my main design body. The emptiness generated in the center location of the Yamaha Nazo offers a lighter weight design, which also gives us access in order to easily replace batteries when needed.


Transmission – High torque

Power – 185 Hp

Top Speed – 265 Km/h

Approx Max Weight – 195 Kg

Autonomy – 320 km

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